Eir Health CBD oil review

Eir Health CBD oil review (Updated 2021)

Eir Health CBD oil review

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Updated July 19th, 2021

Eir Health is a CBD brand that ships CBD oils across the world, and for this reason, we've seen their name pop up more than a few times. This is especially true within popular CBD communities, such as on Reddit. For this reason, we thought it was high time that we shared our thoughts on the brand. We'll be taking a close look at their CBD oils, as well as the customers service provided by the Eir Health team. Let's get into it:

Who is Eir Health?

We like to start with an overview of the brands we feature as we know readers like to know about the story behind the brand. Luckily there is a short 'About Us' page on the Eir Health website that provides a bit of background information about the brand, however it doesn't tell us much about the team or who is behind the brand.

The name 'Eir' comes from Norse mythology. Eir was the name of the goddess of healing, so that's a pretty cool way to get your brand name. However aside from learning the origins of the brand name, we don't actually get much insight into who is behind the brand and what their backgrounds are. This is a little disappointing as we tend to like this sort of transparency from CBD oil brands.

What are the Eir Health products like?

What really intrigues us about the Eir Health product range is that it consists entirely of CBD oils. We're actually fans of this - there are loads of brands out there who cram their websites with random CBD products that most people have no interest in, so it's quite refreshing to see a brand focused on the most popular type of product - CBD oil. However, there are some really great CBD products out there - paste, capsules, and topicals for example - so it would be nice to see a little variation from the brand.

Currently, you can choose from 6 different CBD oils for humans and 4 different oils for dogs. The range consists of both full spectrum and isolate oils, and goes from 300mg all the way up to 3000mg in strength. There is some nice variation here and it's a solid choice of strengths to choose from. It's good to see third party lab reports included on every product page, which is really important for us. One small criticism we'd have for the product pages is that it was a little difficult to figure out what carrier oils are being used for the oils - we did find the information eventually but had to click a little window to see that it was MCT being used. We love MCT for absorption and think it's one of the best carrier oils you can use so this is great.

Overall it looks like a solid product range and we're pretty happy with it.

Eir Health CBD oil dogs

Image of CBD oil from Eir Health website

What are the Eir Health reviews like?

The best place to find reviews for Eir Health CBD products is directly on their website. We've included a screenshot from their product page for their full spectrum 30ml bottle, where you can see it is currently sitting with a perfect 5-star rating. Overall customers seem impressed with the product and the price, definitely make sure to check these reviews out for yourself. There is also a Trustpilot profile for Eir Health but that has never been claimed or verified so we're not sure who set this up.

Eir Health customer reviews
Eir Health CBD oil review

In Conclusion

Like we said in the intro, we've seen the Eir Health brand name appear within conversations on popular CBD forums, so we absolutely had to take a look for ourselves. And to be honest, we were broadly pleased with what we saw! Their products are all third-party lab tested and they have both a full spectrum and THC free range. Plus, they're well-priced and can ship globally. Check them out!

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