Dutch CBD Oil

The Netherlands has always been associated with cannabis, and generally, when people think of weed in Europe they think of the Dutch. Even though there are loads of great CBD companies based in the UK, USA and elsewhere in Europe, many people will still insist on only consuming Dutch CBD oil. Many even consider Dutch CBD oil as the best in the world.

Generally, Dutch CBD oil forms a whole plant formula from raw extracts and has been traditionally produced using either a hemp seed oil or olive oil (often called a Dutch Special). There is a culture of ethical growing and production standards which has ensured that Dutch CBD oils are among the finest that can be purchased in the world.

For this reason, we thought it would be useful to create a list of the best Dutch CBD oils you can currently buy. As always, we’ll be taking a close look at lab reports, reviews and more to ensure we only include the best options in this list. Let’s get into it:


Love CBD

If you look online for Dutch CBD oil at the moment, you’ll find pages and pages of Love CBD products. They’re very open about the fact that they use Dutch hemp to create their CBD products, and it’s a huge selling point for them. We’ve actually got a number of Love CBD products featured on our site that you can check out on our site, however, in summary, they’re a great brand and are selling top-notch CBD products.

Love CBD is by far the biggest of the Dutch CBD oil companies that we know of which is why we have mentioned them first. While the Love CBD is huge, they have mixed reviews across the board.

Dutch Hemp Company

You won’t be surprised to learn that the Dutch Hemp Company do actually use Dutch Hemp to make their CBD products. These guys sell full-spectrum CBD oils which we’re big fans of (full spectrum means it contains a small legal amount of THC which allows users to benefit from the “entourage effect”), and typically we wouldn’t recommend anything else. They also sell soft gel capsules which are full spectrum too. The company is really committed to quality hemp, focusing on a small-batch approach throughout the production process.

The Dutch Hemp Company are one of the biggest wholesalers of CBD oils to the UK too – so you may have actually used their products without knowing it. The products have a fantastic reputation and stand up in terms of quality.

Dutch Hemp

Similar to the Dutch Hemp Company, the clue is in the name here.  These guys are also selling full-spectrum CBD products, including oils and paste. They’ve been around for more than 15 years and according to their backstory, they spent lots of time in Amsterdam in search of the best strains for making their CBD products.

If you were to ask us, they do not have such a big selection of CBD products on their website and have started selling other medical equipment (like a COVID test). They have two main oils, one at 5% and the other at 20%. Why there is such a big gap between the two we have no idea.

Dutch Natural Healing

Dutch Natural Healing are based in the Netherlands and sell both CBD and CBG products. All of the products are of Dutch origin, and their plant nursery based in the Netherlands is entirely organic. They describe themselves as having a “no-nonsense Dutch attitude”, something we can definitely appreciate! Overall these guys are one of the best companies to buy from if you’re looking for Dutch CBD oils and other products.

One of the stand-out oils that the Dutch Natural Healing company produce is their water-soluble pump spray oil which contains a wide range of other active ingredients. You can find this product on their website or from one of their retailers/ white labellers in the UK. The bottle is very identifiable so it is easy to spot- Browns CBD is a popular example of this product.

Holland & Barrett CBD Oil (Jacob Hooy)

Interestingly enough, the leading brand of CBD oil by Holland and Barrett is produced on the Dutch/ German border. Jacob Hooy themselves are a huge brand of healthy produced based in Holland and are really proud of their Dutch heritage. While it seems as though the affiliation with Holland & Barrett has impacted their reputation, the CBD oil produced by Jacob Hooy is certainly worth a try. We think that their quality has suffered down to the extreme demand and a struggle to keep up with the huge orders placed by high street retailers. Well worth a shot if you’re looking for Dutch CBD Oil!

There are a bunch of CBD companies using Dutch hemp, with the above being a selection of the absolute best.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK