dreamt (Our Honest Review)


We were online looking for cannabis sleep products, and we stumbled across the dreamt website. We loved what we saw so we decided to dig a little deeper and conduct a full review. Let's get into it:

What is the dreamt backstory?

The dreamt products were developed by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, a cannabis scientist who was seeking a product to help with sleep. Although Carolina isn't a big user of cannabis recreationally, she has always seen the potential of the cannabinoids within the cannabis plant to help with a range of health issues, including sleep. After trying a few different combinations and products, Carolina eventually developed a formula that brought together cannabis extract, melatonin and terpenes. The dreamt sleep aid was created!

We love this backstory - it's great to see that there is real scientific research and experimentation behind the development of the dreamt product, and it certainly makes a difference to see a company with real scientific credentials producing a cannabis product. If you'd like to learn more about the team behind dreamt then you can check out the great 'About' section on their website.

What are the dreamt products like?

dreamt have a pen, tincture and shot that you can choose from, each designed to help with sleep. The pen is perhaps the best-known product from dreamt, and has also won a few awards (best product at Weedcon 2020), so let's start with that.

Described as an all-in-one vape pen, the dreamt pen works similarly to other vape pens on the market but has some key differences which make it more effective for sleep specifically.

For starters, there is a THC:CBD ratio of 2.5:1. We'd typically expect to see the ratio of these cannabinoids inverted in other products, and we'd also expect to see a much higher ratio. But as dreamt make clear on their website, this is what makes the dreamt pen better for sleep. Most CBD vape pens include much more CBD and THC, which can actually cause anxiety in some users. All you need is a very slight amount of these cannabinoids for the pen to be effective.

Aside from CBD and THC, you also get other natural goodness like Valerian Root and terpenes. These natural compounds have been proven to help sleep too, so they're a great addition. If you want to learn more about the specifics of why these products help you sleep better, there is a huge amount of information on the dreamt website.

The reason the pen is so great to take before bed is because when you inhale the formula, it is very quickly absorbed by your body. This means you can use the pen right before you go to bed and feel the benefits almost instantly. However dreamt also have a tincture and a shot which could be used in a slightly different way, but could still be very effective. For example it's recommended that you take the shot around 40 minutes before you go to bed, so it acts slightly differently to the pen. I could imagine taking the shot on the bus home from a late shift, and then being ready for bed as soon as I get back to the house.

Similarly, the tincture isn't as fast-acting as the pen, but it is still pretty fast-acting and can be a great thing to add to your evening routine as you get ready for bed.

Overall we love that dreamt have focused on a small number of products to try and make them as effective as possible. Plus we also have to mention that there are lab results for these products, which is great to see. If you're looking for cannabis sleep products then don't look anywhere else!

What are the dreamt reviews like?

We mentioned that the dreamt products have won awards and have been featured in a number of high-profile publications, which you can check out on their Press page.

If you're more interested in customer reviews then you can check out their Facebook page and Reddit, where there are people talking about the dreamt pen in a very positive light. We'll update this page if we find more customer reviews, but so far the feedback looks very positive.


In Conclusion

Overall dreamt have created a range of innovative products designed to help you sleep, and we're very impressed by the effort and expertise that has gone into developing this range. Definitely check them out!