Dr. Ed review

Dr. Ed CBD oils review

Dr. Ed is a CBD brand based in Manchester, UK. We first heard about this brand after looking online for some CBD bath products and we found their bath salts (more on those in a second). We were impressed by their range of products and branding, so decided to write a review. We'll be looking at their product range and a few other things, let's get into it:

Who is Dr. Ed?

There is a great 'About Us' page that explains the backstory behind Dr. Ed. When we first heard about the brand we assumed that 'Dr. Ed' was just a made-up name, but there actually is a Dr. Ed! Dr. Edward Jones, a Neuroscientist from the University of Manchester. co-founded the brand. It's seriously impressive to have someone with those credentials working within the team. Dr. Ed teamed up with his friend Alex to create a CBD brand after Alex had told Ed about his struggles to find trustworthy products. Dr. Ed was born!

This is an awesome backstory and we love to know that Alex and Ed both bring different backgrounds to the brand.

What are the Dr. Ed CBD products like?

Dr. Ed stocks 6 different types of CBD oil on their site, each of which has a slightly different mix of terpenes alongside a broad spectrum CBD distillate. What's interesting about this is that when we landed on the site we assumed that the oils would be blended with other natural ingredients like chamomile as we often see other brands doing this. But interestingly Dr. Ed simply adjusts the mix of terpenes in each of their oils. This is actually really interesting to see - we know that different terpenes have different effects, so it definitely makes sense to play around with the combinations. We're sure that Dr. Ed himself has experimented quite a bit with the variations of terpenes in each oil.

If you're not looking for a CBD oil then you could always check out the capsules that Dr. Ed stock. Also broad spectrum with terpene blends, these capsules are a good alternative if you don't like the taste of oils (although the Dr. Ed CBD oils are made with MCT which actually makes them taste pretty good).

Lastly, we've got to mention the bath salts. We've seen CBD bath bombs and other shampoo but never bath salts before, but they look awesome. Each bottle of bath salts contains 60mg of CBD so that's a pretty decent dosage, and we know that CBD can be absorbed effectively by the skin so mixing some of this in the bath is a great way to get a CBD top up.

Overall this is a really interesting product range and we recommend you check it out.

Dr. Ed Trustpilot reviews

What are the reviews like for Dr. Ed CBD products?

Dr. Ed has a Trustpilot profile where they collect reviews for their CBD products. They're currently sitting with a rating of 4.5/5 from over 50 reviews, giving them an 'Excellent' rating. Reading the reviews it's clear to see that customers are delighted with the products and service provided by the team.

I will definitely purchase again and recommend to friends.

An extract from a review on the Dr. Ed Trustpilot profile

Dr. Ed CBD oils review

In Conclusion

We hadn't heard of these guys until recently but they're obviously doing a great job and look like one of the best CBD brands in Manchester. Check them out!


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