Does CBD Show Up In A Drugs Test in the UK?

Whether you are looking for CBD to improve your sporting ability or just to have a great night sleep, if you’re regularly drug tested you may be put off. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant which is well known for being a banned substance. You may well be worried about testing positive for cannabis and facing the consequences that are not deserved.

This begs the question: does CBD show up in a drugs test? The simple answer is ‘no’ – but there are a few things that you should know before taking any CBD product.


The Science!

In very basic terms, there are two main compounds in cannabis; CBD & THC. THC is a psychoactive substance that is prohibited by law and by many sporting bodies across the world. When you are tested it is this compound that causes concern and is what authorities are searching for.

Most CBD products contain levels of THC well below the detectable limits but sometimes it is best to be safe. Here are some different types of CBD products


Full- Spectrum Vs Broad-Spectrum

There are a couple of different kinds of CBD products. There are three main types, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolated CBD. You should be aware that most full-spectrum CBD products do contain a small amount of THC. While in most cases this level is way too small to be detected you should be aware that you are still consuming a banned substance and the chance of detection is not erased.

Broad-Spectrum CBD products contain other cannabinoids (such as CBG or CBC) but have been produced to exclude THC from the formula. This means that the chance of THC being detected is significantly reduced. There is practically no chance that the THC will be detected when you take this kind of CBD product.

The final type is isolated CBD which means that the products does not contain any other cannabinoids. The chance of this type of product causing a failure is almost zero.

Even here there is no guarantee… read on.


Lab Tested CBD Oils

The biggest cause of failing a drugs test while taking CBD is down to the product containing more THC than is advertised. The UK’s CBD industry is still undergoing legislation so the amount of poor quality or fake products is still very high.

If you would like to reduce the chance of failing a drug test further then you need to choose a company that independently tests their products in a lab. Often known as lab testing. If the company claims that they are testing their products then you should request a lab report before purchasing anything.


Conclusion to Does CBD Show Up In A Drugs Test?

No, but THC does. If in any doubt then you should choose a low THC option and ask for a lab test. Simples.


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