Does Aldi Sell CBD Oil?

When this came across our desk a little bit of coffee was spat and some vigorous typing was done. Does Aldi Sell CBD Oil? Wait, they sell Cannabis Plants? Get the car keys!!

We found that infact, Aldi in Switzerland is selling high CBD cannabis plants in Aldi for just under £8. The strains are bred to contain less than 1% THC and can be bought as a semi- grown plant (up to 40cms in height) that can produce full buds rich in CBD and healthy phytochemicals! It is unlikely that you will get high from the plant but it is a huge step forward for a supermarket to be selling Cannabis products.

Sadly, Aldi in the UK do not sell CBD oil and we are still unsure whether or not Aldi in Switzerland sells CBD oil, but we know for sure they sell the CBD cannabis plants. It means that there will certainly be CBD oils on the shelves.


Why is Aldi Selling Cannabis?

While we may have just come across this, Swiss Aldi has been selling cannabis products for a fair while. The supermarket started selling bags of CBD flower at 3 grams for under £20 which is actually a very fair price. For obvious reasons, these bags have become extremely popular and it has started a range of other products: now a ‘grow at home’ cannabis plant.

For those of us in the business, Switzerland has been well known as a source of great cannabis buds and CBD oils. There is a culture of pride and quality which permeates through Swiss Cannabis products – Holistic Hemp Scotland and Cibdiol are two very well known brands who pride themselves on ‘Swiss Quality’. While the two demonstrate this in very different ways (Holistic Hemp represents the whole plant small batch, handpicked approach while Cibdol is all about Purity).

It seems as though the Cannabis culture in Europe is growing exponentially. From Cannabis cafes, CBD oils and cannabis clubs, to full-blown legalised Cannabis. It seems as though it is only the UK that is lagging behind in the development of a cannabis industry.


Disappointed, that Aldi UK does not Sell CBD?

If you started reading this post and mentally locate your closest Aldi store, then you may be just out kind of person. We have been searching far and wide for some of the best CBD and cannabis products that can be purchased in the UK. Whether you’re after the best CBD oil from the UK, or just wanting to grab some bud, then you can find a whole load of resources on our website to find exactly what you need.

The Cannabis industry is still a little bit of a mess, so we are here to inform you and direct you to tried and tested products.




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