Dinner Lady CBD (Our Honest Review)

Recently, we came across a brand of CBD oils and CBD vape oils called Dinner Lady CBD. To begin with, we were a little confused by the name as the associations of a Dinner Lady are not quite what you may expect for selling vape oils or CBD.

Although they are not a high street brand of CBD products, they can be found on a few of the higher-profile CBD online shops, and seem to be popular with retailers right across the globe. They have also been showered with award after award from some very reputable sources. Since we had not heard about them before (and since they are so popular on social media), we thought that we would do a little review of their CBD products.


Who is Dinner Lady CBD?

Dinner Lady CBD started from humble beginnings in 2016 and made their fame seemingly via their signature product: the Lemon Tart vape oil. They started as a company of two employees and now employ over two hundred at a state of the art facility in the UK. Their growth has come from producing vape oils to a whole range of vape accessories, devices, CBD vape oils and oral tinctures which have a somewhat unique brand.

It seems that Dinner Lady is a much better-known vape brand than they are a CBD brand. More recently, we have seen vape companies expand into CBD because the transition makes sense.

We review a lot of companies on this website, and I feel myself spiralling into a state of deep and inescapable depression when reading about this company. There is nothing exciting, not a sense of purpose, nothing. It has a begin presence of soullessness which simply fills space. A Lemon tard filled space. I would rather be writing about an actual Dinner Lady from the 1950’s than this – at least that would have some character. How and why this company is as big as it seems they are, is confusing. The whole thing is very sterile.

If you look past the awful stock photos, corporate cleanliness and the sickly colour range you may actually find the range of CBD oils which don’t look so bad. Thankfully, that is what we are here for.


The Products

We usually review the CBD oils/tinctures but seeing as though Dinner Lady CBD is famous for their vape oils, that is what we chose to try out. It seems as though the ‘Lemon Tart’ is what keeps this brand alive, as it is a firm favourite with customers and reviewers. It is at the forefront of the whole business. So it means that Dinner Lady has translated their successful flavour and added CBD to it.

We’re not too sure how the CBD has been added to the vape oil, but most of the time these oils use isolated CBD which is not great for general well-being but is easily added to a PG/VG mix. While some of the more premium vape products use a broad-spectrum CBD distillate, most brands use the isolated version for cost-effectiveness and ease. After all, vaping isn’t the healthiest thing on earth so it’s not hugely important to have the best quality CBD.

The oil itself came quickly (which was great) in a nice little package. We thought the flavour was nice, we got a little buzz from the oil and felt nice and chilled. Maybe we have been spoiled but we couldn’t help but compare the oil to a real cannabis concentrate – CBD concentrates more specifically. While you do not get as much sweetness, you can get a really lemony and citrus flavour using real plant terpenes (from strains like Wedding Cake, Super Lemon Haze or Lemonchello strains). The flavours from the concentrates are much less synthetic, plus the cannabinoids in those are real. In a roundabout way, if you want to vape CBD then get a dedicated cannabis vape product.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK