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Delta Effex review

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Updated March 15th, 2021

Delta Effex is a Delta 8/Delta 10 THC brand based in the USA. We first heard about this brand after looking online for information about these cannabinoids and then stumbling across their website. After looking into their products we were impressed so knew that we should share this brand with our audience.

What are the Delta Effex products like?

The Delta Effex product range consists of products such as tinctures, buds, cartridges and more. It's a pretty extensive product range and definitely the most varied range of Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC products that we've seen online. There is a lot to explore here but we'll be focusing on a few of the products specifically, let's start with the tinctures.

The tincture range consists of 3 Delta 8 THC oils and 1 Delta 10 THC oil. Each Delta 8 THC oil is available in 3 different flavours split into 3 different categories - grape (CHILL), spearmint (FOCUS) and tropical passionfruit (BALANCE). The makeup of the oils is pretty interesting in that they're boosted with terpenes (depending on what the purpose of the oil is) and they use a mix of carrier oils (including hemp seed oil and MCT oil). These tinctures are all lab-tested too which is great to see.

The Delta 10 THC tincture is a combination of 700mg of Delta 8 THC and 300mg Delta 10 THC to create a balanced product. Terpenes used include Sour diesel and Blueberry OG and the tincture is also lab-tested.

If you're not looking for tinctures then we'd recommend you also check out the range of cartridges - 6 options for Delta 8 and 3 choices for Delta 10. Once again terpenes are infused creatively to give each cartridge a specific purpose for the user, plus they're all lab-tested again (you can check the tests on each product page).

Delta Effex doesn't cram a bunch of crap into their products, they use just enough to ensure that each product provides a tailored experience. Definitely explore their range for yourself.


What are the Delta Effex third-party reviews like?

You can read reviews for individual products on the Delta Effex website which is really useful. The highest-rated products on the Delta Effex include the tinctures, the cartridges and the buds. We've included a screenshot of the reviews for one of the tinctures we mentioned previously on this page, and as you can see the product has a perfect rating from more than 60 reviews. Taking a look at the product closer we can see that customers are delighted by the quality as well as the service provided by the Delta Effex team. Definitely explore their website to see more reviews from satisfied customers.

Delta Effex reviews

What does Reddit think of Delta Effex?

Delta Effex Reddit review

We like to check Reddit when reviewing brands like Delta Effex because there is a very active and knowledgable community on there. Not surprisingly there are a number of threads on there which mention Delta Effex, including the thread we've included a screenshot of above. You can see that the users are happy with the products and are recommending that others try the products. Visit this thread here.

Delta Effex review

In Conclusion

The Delta Effex team are clearly doing a great job and have produced an excellent range of Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC products. Definitely give them a shot!

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