Dazey (Our Honest Review)

Dazey are a CBD company based in the United States, founded in 2018 by 4 friends who met at a music festival. The first thing you notice when you land on the site is that it’s colourful, friendly and different from most other CBD websites you see. Instead of trying to look like a medical website full of stock photos of scientists and doctors, the Dazey website feels informal and friendly. It’s a great first impression, but are Dazey worth your time and money? As always we’ll be taking a look at their products and reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into it:

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What are the Dazey products like?

Before we get into the specifics of the products, we should mention that every oil sold by Dazey is full spectrum, and made with USDA certified organic hemp. That alone is a huge tick in our book – if you don’t know, full spectrum CBD products contain a small but legal amount of THC. The benefit of consuming a full spectrum product is that you consume CBD, THC and a bunch of other goodness (including other flavinoids and fatty acids). This can provide users with what is known as the “entourage effect”, where you feel all of this goodness working in harmony. So to see that Dazey sell full spectrum products is great.
Dazey keep it really simple with their CBD oil range – 3 different concentrations, 350mg, 700mg and 1000mg. The carrier oil for each product is organic coconut oil (MCT oil), which itself has a number of benefits.
There is also a pretty extensive CBD skincare range that you can take a look at. When applied topically, CBD can actually be absorbed pretty well through the skin so these products are definitely worth checking out if you’d like to experience the benefits of CBD for your skin.

What are the Dazey reviews like?

Dazey collect reviews on the product pages of their site, plus on their Facebook site. Overall the reviews are really positive and users seem delighted with the quality of products and the customer service provided by the company. There is also a section on the Dazey website where you can see which articles they’ve been featured in online (for example, the large publication Leafly). 

In Conclusion

What is left to say? These 4 friends have created an awesome CBD company with an amazing product range. If you can get your hands on Dazey products please let us know what you think of them!


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK