Cooking with CBD - a great book by Jen Hobbs

Image from Ulysses Press
Image from Ulysses Press

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Updated August 15th, 2021

When we find interesting products or brands related to CBD, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we stumbled across the Cooking with CBD book from Ulysses Press, we knew that we'd have to publish an article about this great resource. Let's get into it:

What tips can you find within Cooking with CBD?

The great thing about the book is that you'll find delicious recipes which are easy to follow, just with the addition of CBD. We've included a picture of one of the recipes for 'Egg in the basket avocado toast', which not only sounds delicious but also includes lots of detail on how much CBD to use and what products to use. It also includes other nutritional information about the vitamin and mineral contents of other ingredients within the recipe. This is really useful and isn't always included within recipe books.

The book is packed with recipes like this - healthy and delicious, but all with a CBD addition.

What we love about this concept is that consuming CBD via your food is actually a really effective way to consume CBD, as not only does it mask the flavour but it also means the CBD is consumed very effectively. This is particularly true when the CBD is paired with healthy fats (such as in the previous example, eggs and avocado are packed with healthy fats).

Overall we're super impressed with this book and highly recommend you purchase it if you're wanting to get CBD involved in the kitchen.


Image from Cooking with CBD Amazon page

What are the Cooking with CBD reviews like?

The best place to find reviews for the Cooking with CBD book is probably directly on their Amazon page. As you can see from the screenshot that we've included, the book is sitting with a near-perfect rating so far. Overall reviewers seem really happy with the quality of the book, and it's great to see that one reviewer has left a really detailed review of the book. Definitely check the Amazon reviews out here -



FireShot Capture 1313 - Cooking with CBD_ 50 Delicious Cannabidiol- and Hemp-Infused Recipes_ -

Where can you buy the book from?

As we mentioned, you can buy the book from Amazon. You can also buy the book from Barnes and Noble.

Image from Ulysses Press

In Conclusion

This book is a great gift for any CBD enthusiasts and we'd definitely recommend checking it out!

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