Cibdol CBD Oil review (Our Honest Thoughts)


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Cibdol are one of those companies that have been on our radar since the dawn of time. They are among one of the biggest CBD companies in Europe and on the whole, have a great reputation with customers.

They are based in Switzerland (which is known for its fantastic production of Hemp flowers) and brand themselves on employing 'swiss quality' in their customer service, quality of products and transparent business practices. They produce a wide range of products including oils, creams, balms, nasal sprays, multi-vitamins and cosmetics - all are designed to be 'pure' and effective.

So, lets get into it: this is our honest Cibdol CBD oil review:

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In summary

Cibdol are very clearly great at what they do- they have fantastic branding, ethics and their products have a very good reputation online. One of the most important things for us is a companies ethics and for a very large company, Cibdol are certainly seemingly leading the way in ethical business practice. They are in association with a cannabis trade association and take care to broadcast their production methods, quality of practice and lab-testing. 

Cibdol are however much like many who sell water: pure or clean water is actually substandard to mineral water as it does not contain the naturally occurring minerals which can make us healthier. CBD is the same - 'pure' means isolated CBD, which is not in the same league as a full spectrum oil.

These products are refined and down to their lab reports only seem to contain CBD. To us, we would say that this is substandard compared to a 'whole plant' oil as it does not contain all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids or amino-acids that would otherwise be there (the Cibdol CBD oil does contain terpenes though). What we found a little concerning is that Cibdol doubles down on this and claim that a oil which contains waxes, amino acids & THC are poor quality (and dangerous) - which is absolutely not true. 

In summary though- Cibdol are leading the way in many respects but sell what seems like Isolated CBD which is not considered an edible substance in the UK currently. 


What do people say about Cibdol?

Well, there are literally thousands of people who have left reviews on the company's Trustpilot profile. The company can boast (from time of writing this) 85% 5 stars 11% great, 2% Average, 2% poor and 1% bad. Which is very good for a company this size.

When reading any company reviews it is good to get a flavour as to what the best reviews say- what the middle of the roads say, and what they bads say. These tend to be fairly standard within the CBD industry. 5-star reviews are 'This is great- fast delivery - worked a treat'. Medium tends to be: 'Great customer service but hasn't worked for me'. and the bad is usually: 'Didn't work for me'.

While the Cibdol reviews for the top, and medium reviews follow that trend, there are a lot of bad reviews which say that they have experienced bad customer service, or that their order didn't arrive. In saying this, compared to the very small amount of reviews compared to the good ones - and a lot of the good ones cite exceptional customer service. I suppose you cannot please everyone!


What are the Cibdol products like?

Cibdol have two kinds of CBD oil, the first is an olive oil blend and the second is the more common (in the UK anyway) hemp seed oil. We decided to go for the olive oil blend as it was something a little bit different. It came within a couple of days and we actually like the presentation of the package. It is really slick and professional- it looks pure at the very least. It tasted clean and was quite easy to use.

Honestly, we didn't get much from the oil in terms of immediate effects. Even when we took quite a lot of the oil we still didn't feel anything at all. Which was a little bit of a disappointment but can be explained by looking at their lab reports.

The reports show that there is basically only CBD in the oil. This is a concern- it means that they are nowhere near as effective as a full-spectrum CBD oil, nor do they take advantage of the entourage effect. Annoyingly the company claim that this is a good thing - let us be clear, CBD isolate is not as effective as an oil which contains all the natural constituents including THC. Cibdol claim that the presence of THC shows a lack of quality - this is simply false.

While you miss out on the burny hempy flavours you don't get so much bang for your buck. We can see this appealing too those who cannot stand the taste.


What does Reddit think of Cibdol?

Cibdol Reddit review

As always, we like to visit Reddit when reviewing a CBD company, mainly because the CBD community on Reddit is really active and they generally know what they're talking about when it comes to CBD. It's no surprise to see that Cibdol are mentioned frequently on Reddit, with users generally reviewing them very positively. For example, the thread pictured above shows a user who believes that Cibdol are very professional, and most of the replies agreed with this user wholeheartedly.


In conclusion - is Cibdol any good?

The Cibdol CBD products are a great choice if you're looking for a safe CBD option. You'll see them stocked in many places online and you'll find them in a few high street shops too. Definitely check them out.


If you're ever in Amsterdam then make sure you visit the Cibdol Brand store. It's in the middle of the city so it's easy to find! Here is a Google Map embed:


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