Charlie’s Chalk Dust (Our Honest Review)

While Charlie’s Chalk Dust vape oils may be from the USA, there is a fair bit of noise about them in the UK. It is quite easy to find their products being sold with UK retails such as Seeing as though they are becoming more popular, it made perfect sense to give them a good and see what we thought.

Who is Charlie’s Chalk Dust UK?

Our question: who is Charlie? After some exploration, we couldn’t really get to the bottom of who Charlie was, and why he was selling vape oils. After some time reading the story on their website we found ourselves no further forward. Hopefully, we can help you understand.

It seems that Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a brand which sells somewhat of a lifestyle. Although they are more well known for their vape oils, they sell merch and seem to want to tell a story. The most important thing for us is that they are a retailer of vape oils from the USA. What interests us is the fact that they sell cannabis-inspired vape oils (like Purple wedding cake – which we tried for ourselves), among other things. While it seems the vape oils don’t contain any CBD, they have become very popular in the UK for their complex and balanced flavours, and quality.

The Products

We have tried a fair few vape oils in our time – a lot of them have been cannabis-inspired of flavoured with real terpenes. Some of them have been awful, and others have not been too bad at all. Charlie’s Chalk Dust vapes fall into the second category. We were happily surprised. The product itself is very well presented, and enjoyable to open.

The vape oil itself, compared to other vape oils that we have tried, is very nice. It has a delicate flavour that isn’t quite wedding cake, but close enough. It has the sweet and citrus and herbal, pepperiness which makes the cake such a popular strain. The only issue we have is that the vape oil is nowhere near as enjoyable as a vape concentrate.

If you have a rig and you want a generic flavour, we stand completely behind a Charlie’s Chalk Dust vape- but if you’re after something that tastes like a cannabis strain, then we’d suggest getting yourself a real concentrate vape. You get all the real terpenes and active cannabinoids.


In conclusion.

This has been a very short review because the verdict is clear: if you want a very nice vape oil brand which offers a wide range of interesting and unique flavours, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is for you. If you’re looking for a Cannabis inspired vape product then we can point you in a direction that will blow your socks off.



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