Cellular Goods review – the UK’s first CBG skincare brand

Cellular Goods review

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Published by Harry Blackstone

Updated December 2nd, 2021

Cellular Goods is a newly launched cannabinoid wellbeing brand here in the UK. Our interest was obviously piqued because CBD is a cannabinoid we're obsessed with, but it's interesting to see that the Cellular Goods range predominately consists of CBG products. We saw a bit of buzz about this brand so thought it would be good to conduct a review. We'll be looking at:

Let's get into it:

Who is Cellular Goods?

There is an About page on the Cellular Goods website, and although it provides a nice breakdown of what they believe makes their products unique (purity, lab-tested etc. - you know the drill by now), it doesn't provide any information about the team behind the brand. It certainly appears to be a team of scientists or similar, as the product range has a very clinical feel to it (more on that in a minute). Overall, not a huge amount to explore here but a nice little overview of their philosophy and processes is a welcome touch.

What are the Cellular Goods products like?

So as we mentioned in the introduction, Cellular Goods describe themselves as a cannabinoid wellbeing brand. What this essentially means is that each of their products harnesses the power of cannabinoids, allowing your skin to benefit from these wonderful phytochemicals. What's interesting about the Cellular Goods product range is that their topical range all use CBG as the main cannabinoid, whereas the consumables all use CBD. We suspect that this is because CBG is perhaps slightly better at calming irritated skin due to its antioxidant properties. Topical products include a face oil (pictured) and an after-shaving moisturiser.

Within the consumables range, you can choose from capsules, a spray or drops. None of these products contain THC which means they're either isolate or broad spectrum, not always our preferred choice but fine to consume. Frustratingly you have to email Cellular Goods directly to access the lab reports, we'd prefer to have them accessible on the product pages.

Overall this Cellular Goods product range is pretty simple and interesting if a little expensive.


The face oil from Cellular Goods

Anything else to mention?

Yes - Cellular Goods has been backed by David Beckham. A pretty cool endorsement to have!


In Conclusion (Final Thoughts)

Cellular Goods are bringing the first CBG skincare range to the UK market which is a pretty great thing, and we'll be following their progress closely. 

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