CBDMEDIC (Our Honest Review)

CBDMEDIC are a CBD company based in the United States, who specialise in topical CBD products like creams. We first heard about CBDMEDIC after reading a blog post about topical CBD products, and seeing their name mentioned throughout the article we decided to dig deeper. We’ll be taking a look at the products offered by CBDMEDIC, plus their customer service and reviews. Let’s get into it:

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What are the CBDMEDIC products like?

The CBDMEDIC products range is split up into two different ranges, skincare and pain relief. We should say that in the UK we have to be careful about making any claims regarding the benefits of CBD for either pain relief or to relieve skin conditions, but in the US the regulations are a bit more relaxed and companies can use this terminology more freely.
CBDMEDIC have a seriously impressive product range which is varied and has something for everyone. For example, they don’t just have one type of ointment for pain relief – they’ve got 5 for 5 different parts of the body, including the neck and even ankle!
If you don’t want to buy a product for a specific body part and you want something to treat all parts of your body, CBDMEDIC have a pain relief stick which contains 200mg of CBD. This is not a huge amount of CBD but if applied to a specific part of the body, it could still be absorbed and provide some benefits.

Aside from the pain relief products, CBDMEDIC also have skin products which can help to treat conditions like eczema and acne. There is a signifcant amount of evidence to suggest that CBD can help to treat these conditions, so we’re happy to see them on offer from CBDMEDIC.

What are the CBDMEDIC reviews like? 

CBDMEDIC collect reviews on their product pages from a platform called Yotpo, and for the most part the reviews are extremely positive. The acitve sport stick has a rating of 4 and a half stars from over 90 reviews, with most reviewers mentioning how effective they found the product to be for their aches and pains.
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