CBDcity & Grasscity Review (Our Honest Thoughts!)


Who are CBDcity & Grasscity?

Grasscity is certainly one of the biggest online head shops across the world, and the UK and sells a huge range of smoking products. Over the last couple of decades, Grasscity.com has created a network of millions of customers, members and enthusiasts. They are certainly huge here in the UK, but they are currently based in Canada.

Grasscity started in 2000 under the name coffeeshop-amserdam.com which was a little shop which sold smoking accessories and provided tourism information for those visiting Amsterdam. The idea grew and Grasscity.com was born to connect cannabis enthusiasts across the world. It was a ‘hang out spot’ and ‘global forum’ for smoking!

In 2018 the company was purchased by High Tide Inc which are an enormous canna-company based in Canada which opened the opportunity for grasscity across the pond. The company has now grown to one of the biggest international online retailers for smoking accessories and all things cannabis. They ship millions of products every year, and also own a number of other websites selling CBD oils; CBDcity. Grasscity.com is home to one of the largest selections of grinders, rigs, rolling papers, bongs, pipes and more. They offer an anxiety-inducing array of handpicked, and custom equipment for the newly acquainted to the long time veteran. Whether you smoke every day, or every so often you will find anything to suit your needs.

There is so much choice that it feels just a little overwhelming.

Our Grasscity Review

We really struggled on where to start here- there is literally so much on the Grasscity website that it was a little overwhelming at first. There is such a huge array of different types of bongs, bubblers and cool glassware that you are completely spoilt for choice. If you venture onto the website, it may be best to have an idea what you want because you can very quickly go down a rabbit hole and end up purchasing more than you intended. We’d argue that the huge choice is actually a very good thing – once you get over the initial excitement, you could spend a fair amount of time researching and understand the products as they are.

The only issue we have is that there are a few categories which do not have any products in.

We decided to purchase something simple to see how the shipping times were and see what we could find out about the whole experience. We purchased a 4 part Grasscity branded grinder which is just under £20 and it arrived within a couple of days without any issues. The packaging was discrete (without any branding) and professional. We have been sent grinders and things before which were simply wrapped in wrapping paper tape.

The quality was really nice. It was quite light but quite robust and comes with a pollen catcher and scoop which is very handy. It had a magnet which keeps the whole product together. Honestly, great overall.

Just before the grinder arrived we tested the service by emailing to ask when our order will arrive. We found the support section and sent our request to the email provided. We got one back within an hour or so which was polite and professional. Nice!

Overall, we certainly think if you’re looking to purchase a nice bit of glassware or purchase an accessory then you’re in safe hands with Grasscity.

Grasscity UK on Trustpilot

Grasscity UK is on Trustpilot and have about 200 reviews- the overwhelming majority of them are very positive. They suggest that the quality, service and delivery are all great. We always love to read the negative reviews to see if there are any repeated trends in the bad reviews, but they are quite mixed. Some people received broken/ damaged products (which the aftercare team seem to deal with very well with a nice personal touch), one person cut their finger after breaking their bong, and others have have had trouble with delivery.

In honesty, this is fairly average for a company of this size. Sometimes, somethings go wrong! In general, the reviews are positive.

We did find a few reviews on Reddit which are not very flattering. One of the reviews seems to be about Grasscity Canada/US but they suggested that the delivery and customer service was incompetent and threatening. They had an issue where the order did not arrive It seems like the customer may have been difficult. This was a post from 6 years ago so we think that this was maybe a one-time thing or something long past. We thought we would mention because it seems to draw a lot of attention.

The second is about crappy reviews from 8 years ago. A long time has passed since these posts were published but it seems as though they are still having an impact on the business.


As you may have noticed, we are really into CBD. Grasscity have also developed a website which sells a pretty wide range of CBD oils and products from brands around the world. It seems as though the focus is Canada/ US based and we are unsure whether you can purchase a CBD oil here in the UK (although they list a Northern Irish address).

CBDcity sells a range of edibles, cosmetics, oils and CBD for pets & sports. What is kind of cool is that there are a load of CBD brands that we have never come across before and some of them look very interesting. We would love to get into trying some of the brands that CBDcity sell and see if we can make any recommendations.

In terms of CBDcity reviews, there are very few. There are no Trustpilot reviews about the products, service or otherwise, so it may take some time to tell whether the service is as trusted as Grasscity.


The Grasscity Forum & Magazine

Grasscity also has one of the biggest forums we know which is dedicated to cannabis. You can ask and answer questions, read about cannabis and peoples experience. It is quite an enjoyable place to explore to understand more about cannabis as a drug, and the products that the company sell.

We usually quite like to use something like Reddit (r/trees etc..) but the Grasscity forum is a much better space to find genuine and in-depth answers. There is so much information on just about any question you can think of so you’ll never not find an answer.

Secondly, the Grasscity magazine is another section added to the forum. This serves almost like a blog and has a tone of information there.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK