CBD Virtue review

CBD Virtue are a CBD company based in Wolverhampton. They've positioned themselves slightly differently within the CBD industry, offering high-quality beauty CBD products as well as oils and edibles. We thought it would be worth reviewing these guys as they're doing a great job. Let's get into the review:

Who is CBD Virtue?

There is a good 'About' section on the CBD Virtue website that explains a bit more about the brand. It's jam-packed with information about the care taken by the team to ensure their products are as quality as possible, detailing everything from the hemp used to the plant goodness you'll find within all of their products. It's great to have access to this background information because it reassures us that there is a great team behind this brand. Definitely check out their 'About Us' section on the website.

What are the CBD Virtue products like?

As we mentioned, CBD Virtue produce CBD products the type of high quality beauty products you'd typically associate with a beauty brand - on their site you'll find products like balm, lip oil and body lotion. What's great about these products is that they contain a pretty substantial amount of CBD. For example, their Bath and Body Oil contains 500mg of CBD - more than enough to have an impact. Topical CBD products are great because there is a lot of evidence to show that CBD can be absorbed very effectively by the skin when applied topically. Their branding is great too - the products look exactly like something you'd see in a beauty parlour.


CBD Virtue aren't just about beauty products. They've also got a range of CBD oils and edibles, all of which are broad-spectrum. The oil drops are available in either Berry or Peppermint flavour, and either 150mg of CBD per bottle of 300mg. CBD Virtue use MCT as the carrier oil which is great for absorption and also gives a slight coconut taste which is pleasant. They also have a spray bottle that has a 500mg (plus a spray is a little more convenient for most people versus the dropper)


There is no denying that CBD Virtue have a great beauty/topical range, but the oils and edibles are top-notch too.
We should also mention that CBD Virtue source their CBD from the States. We're happy with that because you can always rely on hemp from the US being high quality.
Overall we're super impressed with this range and think you should check it out.

What are the reviews like for CBD Virtue?


CBD Virtue Trustpilot

CBD Virtue use Trustpilot to collect reviews, which is great to see. They currently have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 60 reviews, a respectable score for sure. As you'd imagine the main focus of the reviews are the beauty products, with the hand cream being mentioned quite a bit. It's nice to see someone from CBD Virtue replying directly to a few of the reviews on there too. Another aspect of the business which is praised by reviewers is the great customer service, another tick in our book.

Such a great trusted company, excellent quality and customer service!

A review from the CBD Virtue Trustpilot profile

CBD Virtue review

In Conclusion

If you're looking for CBD beauty products like lotion and hand cream, as well as broad spectrum CBD oils, CBD Virtue have got to be one of the best options right now. Check them out!