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CBDtec & CBD Tardis Glasgow Review

The CBD tardis is one of the more popular CBD oil in Glasgow side providers, and we were lucky enough to visit it recently. Before reviewing, the Tardis was considered as having the best CBD products in Scotland (<— this is our list of the best we have tried).

Although there have been plenty of CBD companies popping up since 2016, CBD tardis has been an institution among the locals of Glasgow and passers-by along Glasgow’s famous Sauchiehall Street. Anybody who knows CBD in Glasgow knows the CBD Tardis. 

The CBD Tardis, also known as CBD Glasgow & CBDtec provide a range of products including CBD Oils, CBD Vape Oil & CBD Pastes

Is it worth it?

In Short, you could do better but it isn’t the worst place in the world. Although the review seem positive we have seen rumblings on reddit that the reviews are fake. If you are going to buy CBD oil you’re best to look at companies such as CBDiablo, or Loveburgh.

If those aren’t what you are looking for visit hempcanhelp.co.uk. Hemp is a not-for-profit social enterprise that gives impartial advice on some of the best CBD oils to come out of Scotland. Be sure that you will get the best product for you and learn a thing or two. We suggest Hemp for no other reason than he stocks a wide range of products and the simple fact that they are a social enterprise. If CBD tec is up to par, it will end up in Hemp eventually..

The History of the CBD Tardis

For those that are unaware, CBD Tardis/ CBD Glasgow is the old police box that sits smack bang in the middle of Sauchiehall Street, after the first set of traffic lights coming from Buchanan Street. The little box has been inhabited by a guy called Chris McKenzie who has been selling cannabis-related products since the very early days of 2015 (before CBD legalisation). The Tardis has carved a name for itself due to its quirky location and as a pioneer in the CBD industry in Glasgow, and Scotland. This little police box is a slice of CBD history as the first location to sell CBD in Glasgow & Scotland. We made the effort to see the shop a couple of years ago and then again more recently; times have changed.

The CBD Tardis/CBD

 Glasgow/CBD Tech these days isn’t quite so humble. From the ashes of a bid to enter into politics (cannabis is better than alcohol MP movement), the owner has lazily rebranded/extended the brand to CBDtec; seemingly in the light of recent media attention around CBD. The rebrand is completely soulless and very obviously a scramble to take advantage of the new interest in the product.

CBD Tardis/ CBD Oil Glasgow was a good brand, was authentic and had some heart. The rebrand to CBDtec is a sellout project that offers nothing more than a cheap product sourced from Europe, repackaged and marked up to fit into the growing online market.

CBD tardis - CBD tardis glasgow -CBD tardis Review

CBD Tardis Products

Since the rebrand, CBD Tardis/ CBD Oil Glasgow is very obviously a scramble for custom. The company confusingly has 3 names – CBD Tardis Glasgow, CBD Scotland & now CBDtec. That smacks of trying to create as many nets as possible. There are 3 websites owned by the same people selling these oils. The products being sold mirrors this perfectly and are simply raw hemp & MCT oils which are likely white labelled from a Dutch company and marked up to make a profit. To add to that the bottles are seemingly bought from Amazon/AliBaba and have a tacky label smacked on.

On a positive note, there is a wide range of products to choose from. This is positive because it gives, you, the customer a good range of products to choose from.


Let us get down to business. Price is very important when it comes to CBD- it is a new product so it is easy to be ripped off if you do not know what you’re looking for. In fact, CBD Tec is fairly well priced but that is debatable for what you get. The base-line 10ml tincture of 5% (500mg of CBD) is priced at £35 which is about average for the market; but for the price, you can get the same strength CBD oil UK from Cannadonia (which is a far superior oil) or the Alpine Oil (also 500mg of CBD) from Holistic Hemp Scotland for £30. There are far more cost effective options out there.


From the times we have spoken to the person in the CBD Tardis Glasgow, we had a good chat. Very friendly and warm and knew what he was talking about when it came down to facts. Our only concern is that we have heard that the CBD Tardis Glasgow has a reputation for making outlandish statements about the benefits of CBD and the cannabis plant. While we know that the cannabis plant has more to offer than we are allowed to say, the research simply does not give conclusive evidence on what it can, or can’t, cure.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, CBD Tardis Glasgow  is part of a network of companies that are cluttering a Scottish industry which is known for its quality and honesty. It is another example of the ‘ten a penny’ CBD companies that have incorporated in 2018 to take advantage of the media exposure given to CBD. The very fact that there are multiple websites, under multiple ‘buzzword’ names exposes the underbelly of CBD tardis Glasgow’s aspirations: to sell the ‘wonder cure’ for pure, unsolicited profit.


If you want great CBD, check out these: 250mg420mg500mg, 600mg750mg1000mg1500mg & 2000mg oils.


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