CBD Sprays UK

One of the products that seems to have become extremely popular in the UK is the CBD Spray. In short, the only real difference between CBD oils and CBD sprays is the delivery method- and sometimes the way that the CBD is suspended in a carrier oil. 
 This spray does however, make much less of a mess, they are easier to dose, easier to use and may actually increase the absorption rate of the oil. There are several sprays on the market that are making a name for themselves of their purity and quality: these include the Synergetic Phytocannabinoid CBD Sprays & flavored LoveHemp. 

Buy CBD Sprays from Reputable Retailers

See below a range of the CBD sprays that we have tried, and recommend. Each of the product pages take you to trusted and ethical retailers.

Benefits of CBD Sprays

The main benefits associated with CBD sprays are the fact that they create less mess, they are easy to use and they can increase the absorption of the oil. Unlike a dropper, you do not need to mess about counting the drops in the mirror. You can just spray under your tongue as many times as you like! 

The oil is also atomised meaning that it is spread across a larger surface area where it can be absorbed easier. In all honesty, using a spray is a much more enjoyable experience, however, it is fairly hard to get a whole plant oil in a spray. It is just too thick. 

Synergetic Phytocannabinod CBD Sprays

Up there in the cutting edge of CBD sprays UK wide is the Synergetic Phytocannabinoid range of 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg MCT oils. They are produced here in the UK, they are very clean, lab tested and super effective. They are suspended carefully in an MCT base and contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

We love these sprays- they look great, taste very clean and are easy to us so we love them!