CBD For Sports Performance & Recovery (Honest Guide)

There are so many benefits of CBD flying around on the internet that it is hard to believe everything you read. Don’t worry though, it is why we started our blog- we’re not trying to sell you anything- just give you our experience and help you find the CBD products that are right for you.

You may have stumbled across this page as you’re looking for the best CBD for Sports performance and recovery, and thankfully you have come to the right place. We are going to walk you through some of the different options and explore why they work so well.

Our Honest Guide to CBD for Sports Performance & Recovery


CBD For Sports: The Basics

CBD for sports recovery is becoming one of the leading CBD markets within the wider industry. Since CBD was accepted by the WADA things have gone from strength to strength.

CBD interacts with our body’s Endcannabinoid System which plays a huge role in the process of homeostasis which keeps our body working correctly. It is why the compound has been associated with a huge array of benefits (including reducing inflammation, boosting recovery and increasing sleep quality).

If you are considering taking CBD then you need to be aware of the rules surrounding your sport. CBD is one of 113 plus cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant; the main two are CBD and THC. While CBD is completely legal and has been cleared by many sports authorities, THC is a banned substance and is illegal in the UK.

All of the cannabinoids work together to enhance their benefits so the more cannabinoids the better. While a tiny bit of THC in a CBD product (called full-spectrum) can actually have huge benefits for casual athletes, professionals who are regularly drug tested may not want to take the risk. It is then much better to search out a broad-spectrum’ CBD product that does not contain THC but does contain other beneficial cannabinoid compounds.

It is why lots of sports CBD companies tend to advertise their testing practices to ensure that the THC has been removed and there is no chance of taking a banned substance. Always look for quality assured product from a reputable supplier.


Best CBD For Sports Performance & Recovery

While there are plenty of companies selling their CBD for sports, it is way more helpful to understand the products themselves so you can make an informed choice as to which is the best CBD product for you. Here are a few recommended types that we think are essential for any athlete.


CBD Muscle Rub or Balm

Believe it or not, muscle balms are some of the best CBD products for sportspeople – they seem very simple but they are really good for helping prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness. The CBD here is targeted with a topical application and is absorbed into the skin into the surrounding tissues (including muscles).

The local application of CBD can help reduce inflammation and increase the activity of your endocannabinoid system. This increases our body’s ability to repair the broken muscle fibres and increases the production and health of new cells.

It is important that you choose a brand that think about their formulas – there are some who think that a simple cosmetic cream is enough, but the brand needs to think about complementary ingredients and also the bioavailability of the cream. They need to be absorbable and skin-friendly.


CBD Oils for Sports Recovery

For general wellbeing, a CBD tincture or capsule is the best for everybody. They are a good way of increasing the levels of CBD generally within your body. It will mean that your ECS is firing on all cylinders and maintaining a healthy balance in your body (needed to reduce inflammation and help with your recovery).

CBD may be subtle, but a general supplement containing the compounds is extremely powerful and well rounded. We believe that CBD helps people pushing themselves to the limit more than anybody else. The cannabinoids attach to our ECS which works to restore a balance in the body meaning that if something is broken, our body moves to repair it. When an athlete pushes their body to the max, the ECS is constantly working to try and restore, repair and protect itself.

As an athlete, the most important process your body does is recovery during sleep. CBD is very well known for its ability to improve sleep quality which can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing, but also your recovery and performance. Good sleep will increase your energy levels, boost recovery and help your body fight at its peak.

A daily CBD supplement can improve your recovery massively!


In conclusion

The benefits of CBD for sports performance and recovery cannot be understated and we believe that CBD will be the next biggest trend in sports and nutrition. The whole point of CBD is to help your body generally recover so that it is primed and ready to go, increasing your performance and reducing injury. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of itself.






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