Cannabis & CBD Oil for Menopause

CBD oil seems to have an affinity with women (woop!). Not only is it a scientific fact that women have more cannabinoid receptors than men, but the female body goes through a hell of a lot more a uses a lot of cannabinoids to endure the miracles of reproduction! Particularly as we get older 🙁 We all take wades of pills and poppers throughout our lives and they often have nasty side effects that are sometimes just as unbearable as the womanly problems we all suffer. What if I said that there is a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals that could help you through your period, with anxiety, with your sleep and as you get older help you through the Menopause? Well – there is such a natural alternative and the secret is out: CBD oil for Menopause is maybe what you are looking for!

What is the menopause?

If you are reading this and already know what the menopause is, you best skip to the next section and get right to the nitty gritty. But the menopause is when a woman stops having their period and is when a woman is no longer able to get pregnant naturally.
This is a completely natural part of being an aging woman, and the menopause usually starts between 45 and 55 years of age as the levels of oestrogen levels decline. It is estimated that 1 in 100 women experience the menopause before 40 which is known as premature menopause. Symptoms of the menopause can be quiet moderate or serious but they always have an impact on our everyday life. The symptoms include:
  • Low Mood and Anxiety
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • Reduced sex drive
  • vaginal dryness/ discomfort during sex
  • hot flushes and night sweats
Although the menopause usually only lasts for 4 years (sometimes more) it can be a miserable time as a woman! So we ask, how can CBD oil for Menopause symptoms be helpful?

CBD Oil for Menopause Symptoms

The Endocannabinoid System

CBD oil, pastes and other forms have been associated with a wide range of health and well being benefits which can all be explained by the endocannabinoid system. We know that the ECS has a positive impact on your mood (including anxiety and depression), helps with regulating and improving your sleep pattern, can improve your cognitive function and has been associated with improving your sex-life… and many more things! The ECS is responsible for for all of the health and well being benefits associated with CBD oil for Menopause symptoms. the Endocannabinoid System

Helping those Joint Pains!

Out there, there are plenty of articles and anecdotal evidence which suggests that cannabinoids (like CBD) play an important role in reducing the body’s inflammatory response which is responsible for aches and joint pains as we get older. When the body gets older our joints become worn down and the body thinks it is becoming damaged, so starts to try and protect itself. Inflammation is your bodies natural defense mechanism. Cannabinoids are essential for helping your body regulate and reduce swelling.

Sleep like a Baby!

The most common report people make after taking CBD supplements is that they sleep much, much better. Their sleep is longer, deeper and more restful; this usually in itself can massively improve your quality of life. CBD works as an anxiolytic and stimulates the ECS to keep your body in perfect balance – during the menopause your sleep is often disrupted. Whether that is due to the night sweats, hot flushes, pangs of midnight anxiety or insomnia, the menopause can have a huge impact on your beauty sleep – and we can’t survive on any less of that! CBD helps to regulate the brains functions during sleep and it reduces REM (rapid eye movement) which often is a cause of a bad night’s sleep. So when you are relaxed, your body is primed for sleep and you feel less pain, you can get a fantastic night of glorious sleep!

Relax, and take CBD!

Due to all the changes in your body and the hormones running through you, menopause can certainly impact the way you are feeling mentally. With increased hormones the levels of anxiety there is no wonder that there is a need for CBD oil for menopausal symptoms. It is estimated that 1/3 of all people have suffered from anxiety in their lives, and women are twice as likely to be sufferers compared to men.
CBD interacts with two parts of the brain which are integral to the regulation of mood; the 5-HT1A Agonist (produces serotonin) and the Hippocampal Neurogenesis (regulates memory and cognitive function). Generally, if you suffer from anxiety or depression you have a smaller Hippocampal Neurogenesis than normal. Reading this, doesn’t CBD oil for menopause make sense?

CBD is amazing- Remember?

Sadly, as we get older, we tend to forget things. And that is particularly true for women during menopause. A common complaint and symptom of menopause is ‘brain fog’ where you struggle to concentrate and your memory suffers- this is thought to be caused by the changing levels of estrogen as this is fundamental to language skills, attention, mood, memory and more.
Cannabinoids (like CBD) have been associated with improving cognitive function – including everything which becomes a little slower during the menopause. As mentioned in the previous section, CBD has been found to stimulate the Hippocampal Neurogenesis which is responsible for regulating cognitive function and memory.

Best CBD Oil for Menopause UK

There are plenty of fantastic CBD oils which can help relieve the symptoms of the menopause however, we suggest that you choose a company which not only provides CBD oil for the menopause but also supports women’s causes. HerCBD is a social enterprise based in Edinburgh who give 100% of their profits to support Endometriosis in the UK. They provide fantastic organic CBD oils. If you want great CBD, check out these: 250mg420mg500mg, 600mg750mg1000mg1500mg & 2000mg oils.


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