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Hemp| First Not-For-Profit CBD Company From Edinburgh

CBD is fast becoming the newest heath trend to make a quick buck. If you are anything like us, and have been here since the early days of 2016 when CBD was made legal in the UK. While there are lots of arguably bad things happening in the CBD industry, Hemp Can Help is a pioneer in all things good. 

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Hemp Community Interest Company (aka Hemp) is the UK’s first Not-for-profit CBD company and is a pioneer in Hemp based Social Enterprises. The founder’s (Dan) ambition is to improve the health of communities in Edinburgh (Scotland, The wider UK, and all of human kind) and use the profits made from Hemp & Cannabis products to fund beneficial projects that will improve the lifestyle of those in need/ in the community of which they operate. Dan is also very passionate about educating customers about the many benefits of Cannabis related products alongside building happy and healthy communities around the sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly applications of Hemp (eg. Hemp building materials, clothing, Hemp Plastics). 

Hemp gathered some media attention after its launch.


Simply because CBD is growing and could be very lucrative, there are now quite a few companies making dodgy home-brews or importing cheap, rubbish products from Europe and selling them on with a fancy label and at an inflated price (Holland and Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy are highstreet examples of this). Often, unless you know a little bit about Cannabis related products, it is easy to be conned into buying something that is a waste of money. Dan, and Hemp Edinburgh, are dedicated to ensuring that all of the products they stock are the very best on offer, and are effective. He is more than clued up on the science behind cannabinodis and promotes only the CBD products which will be effective. His advice is also impartial, regarless of brand, Dan ensures that his customer gets the product they require. He is almost completely impartial and focuses on what is important; happy and healthy people. 


Dan, is extremely well informed when it comes to Science, Cannabis, Hemp and Cannabinoids. I will challenge you to find a more educated individual in the UK on this subject. He is formally educated and has a background in heathcare. Hemp Edinburgh stocks a wide variety of products, which have a range of characteristics and benefits. It is important to Hemp Edinburgh to provide well informed, impartial advice about all CBD products. They listen to the customer and help them make an informed decision about which is best for them. There is absolutely no pressure to buy – the main aim is to inform and supply when needed.

I had the pleasure of popping in to see what all the fuss was about. I had a fantastic long conversation with the guys there and even got myself a free lollipop. I also saw how other customers were treated and was very impressed. The heart of the company is exactly where it should be. 

Buy CBD Oil In Edinburgh & Support a Social Enterprise

Hemp Stocks some of the best CBD in Scotland, from all of the best retailers. If you are looking to buy cbd in Scotland, you are able to do so while supporting a good cause. By buying CBD with Hemp, you are directly supporting positive change in Edinburgh, and communities in Scotland.


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