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Updated November 12th, 2021

When we find interesting CBD products or brands, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we read about CBD + More, we knew that we'd have to publish an article about their great offering. We'll be taking a close look at the brand and their products, let's get into it:

Who is CBD + More?

We like to start with an overview of the brands we feature as we know readers like to know about the story behind the brand. Luckily there is a great 'Our Story' section on the CBD + More website that explains the story.

The brand was founded by “Yasmine” Jeannette Egozi M.A., CCC-SLP, CMHP, who initially developed the Planta RX range of products. Yasmine decided to create this line of products because she has a genuine passion for healing - she has more than 20 years of experience across a broad range of work relating to human healing, including working as a Speech Language Pathologist, Mental Health Professional, (W)holistic Wellness Guide, a Soul Focused Healing practitioner and an Internationally Certified Stress Management Consultant. Really impressive CV!

The idea behind the brand was simple; create a range of high quality, lab-tested CBD products that everyone could access to better themselves. Yasmine also aims to be a resource that people can rely on to learn more about CBD in a helpful and honest way.

During the pandemic in late 2020, a time of great stress for many, In late 2020, Yasmine opened her first brick and mortar store, CBD + more®️, in Miami Beach. Here she offers products but also one on one consultations for anyone who wants to learn more about CBD can help with their specific needs.

Overall, we're super impressed with the ethos behind this brand and we recommend you check out their About page for yourself.

What are the CBD + More products like?

As we mentioned in the intro, Yasmine developed the Planta RX range specifically for her clients as she wanted to create a quality and trustworthy brand. You'll find these products stocked in the CBD + More shop in Miami Beach, along with a selection of other quality brands all curated by Yasmine. This selection includes CBD oils, topical products and more.

We also love that you can find COAS (Certificates of Analysis) easily accessible on the website, which is a crucial detail for us and for anyone who wants to be sure that their CBD has been tested. You can also find Delta 8 THC within the shop and you can receive assistance for obtaining your marijuana card, these are great options but we'll be focusing more on the CBD selection.

The Planta RX range consists of products such as gummies, tinctures and flower. We should start by saying that we love to see full spectrum tinctures, meaning they contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and plant goodness including a small amount of THC. Consuming full spectrum products allows users to benefit from the "entourage effect" whereby all of the phytochemicals and plant goodness work together to enhance the effects of each other and to create a blissful sensation. We're big advocates of full spectrum products and love to see that Yasmine is too. The gummies are also full spectrum and contain 25mg of CBD per gummy.

The flower is available in 5 different sizes, and if you've never tried CBD flower or you don't have a device for consuming it, you can buy pre rolls from CBD + more also.

Overall we are very impressed with this selection and we recommend you explore it for yourself here - https://www.cbdmiamishop.com/product-category/cbd/




Image from CBD + More website

Anything else to mention?

Yes - as we mentioned in the introduction, you can also get a one-to-one Wellness Consultation with Yasmine if you visit the CBD + More shop. The consultation involves a deep dive into your history and a discussion about your individual wellness questions, concerns, and needs.

The outcome is a personalized plan for optimal nutrition and supplementation, and the cost is $125/hour.

CBD + More

In Conclusion

If you're in the Miami Beach area and you're looking for a place to visit, definitely check out CBD + More. Otherwise, make sure you visit the website for a great selection of CBD products.



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