CBD Massage Oil | What it is & the Best We Found

CBD Massage Oil

If you think about the reason why any of us go to get a massage, the number one reason is to relax. There will be some who go for health and healing, but most of the time it is to release muscular tension.

It may feel like a con, but a CBD massage is quickly becoming a valuable massage & sports therapy technique to induce relaxation, repair and recovery. The key to a CBD massage is the oil that is used.

CBD Massage Oil


What is CBD Massage Oil?

Simply put, a CBD oil is a carrier oil that has been infused with a CBD cannabis extract. The oil will therefore contain a large amount of cannabinoid compounds. The main difference between an edible CBD oil and a massage CBD oil is the carrier used.

A CBD massage oil should be designed specifically for your skin and will often contain other ingredients like essential oils to promote other benefits and to scent the oil. The best oils we have seen utilise these other ingredients to enhance the experience of the massage: whether that is the cooling effects of peppermint oil or the calming scent of lavender.

Best CBD Massage Oil We've Found

Loveburgh Massage Oil

Loveburgh Professional+ Massage Oil

We recently tried the new Loveburgh Professional+ massage oil which is designed for sports massage. The oil is 100% natural and contains naturally occuring terpenes.

The oil feels super absorbitive and soaks into your skin naturally. It doesn't feel overly greasy, has a really nice texture and smells delightful. It is certainly the best massage oil we have found and think it is perfect for both sports and massage therapy.


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