CBD-Infused Foods - an emerging trend to get excited about?


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Updated October 25th, 2021

There is something about CBD which makes companies want to include it in almost everything. From pillows to lubricant, it seems that nothing is safe from CBD.

One trend which is really emerging is the addition of CBD to foods, something which has steadily become accepted over the last few years. Despite the slightly dubious effects of most of these products (particularly considering how hard it is to effectively ingest CBD when eaten), this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, recently a brand owned by Nestle launched a CBD range of products, and the major US chain Carl's Jr. launched a CBD burger. Very strange.

Should we be excited about this trend?

Overall, we see this as an opportunity to introduce more people to CBD, which in our opinion is probably a good thing. However, we do think that having so many brands jumping on the CBD bandwagon risks making it feel more like a fad than something which can actually help people.

In Conclusion

We'll be keeping an eye out for some of the better CBD food products out there and we hope to see this trend continue!

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