CBD coffee pods UK - 4 brands to try

CBD coffee pods UK

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Updated December 9th, 2021

We have a popular guide about our favourite CBD coffee brands in the UK, where we recommend some of what we believe to be the best CBD coffee brands that we've found. But we're big fans of our Nespresso machine, so we wanted to highlight brands that have awesome ranges of CBD coffee pods also. We've updated this guide for 2021 and tried to include a nice selection of 4 different brands - let's get into it:

Have you tried a cannabis terpene syrup for sweetening your coffee?

The Hashtag Company CBD coffee pods (Nespresso capsules)

We're big fans of The Hashtag Company and have reviewed them very positively here. But we wanted to highlight their range of Nespresso compatible CBD pods as they're excellent. Each pod of the CBD coffee contains 4mg of CBD, so aside from tasting great it's also actually a handy way of getting a consistent dose of CBD too (possibly even easier than using ground coffee). You get 10 coffee pods per box and the taste notes are sweet and nutty with notes of chocolate. They're definitely our favourite CBD coffee pods in the UK.


The Hashtag Company CBD coffee pods

Canniant CBD coffee pods (2.5mg per pod)

Canniant are another brand that we like the look of, and which have a nice range of CBD coffee pods. They only contain 2.5mg of CBD per pod but there are some things we really like about them like having lab reports easily accesible. These are also Nespresso compatible, check them out.

Canniant CBD coffee pods

The best CBD coffee pod brands in the UK (2021)

Strava is another brand that we reviewed positively on our blog previously, and we're fans of their Nespresso pod range too. Each pod contains 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD which is quite a lot and a nice dosage to consume. These are the most expensive CBD coffee pods in our guide but they do contain the most CBD per pod so it depends what you're looking for really.

Strava CBD coffee pods

The best CBD coffee pod brands in the UK (2021)

We know the least about Rokit CBD coffee pods, but they're sold by The CBD Connect and we know that those guys stock great brands, so we'll trust their judgement here. Each pod contains 5mg of CBD and they're 0% THC.

Rokit CBD coffee pods 5mg

In Conclusion

If you're already a coffee pod convert then hopefully there is a brand here that you'll try, but if you haven't tried the pods yet then get on it!

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