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CBD buds UK

In our opinion Organic CBD flower/ CBD buds are by far the most sought after cannabis item on the market. Now that we are in the middle of the debate about legalizing cannabis, CBD flower is the middle ground and could be the key to opening the door for the real deal and allowing buds which contain the reason why cannabis was prohibited in the 1930’s: the psychoactive ingredient, and cannabinoid THC.

Technically, CBD Flower is cannabis with an abundance of the cannabinoid CBD and with a ‘legal’ amount of THC (which tends to fall under 0.2%). More often than not, the buds are from the flower of a hemp plant – or a high CBD cannabis strain – such as Harlequin. The buds look, smell and feel exactly like high THC cannabis (unless the strain has lots of crystals/ has sticky THC resin. Regardless, if you are caught with a pocket full of the stuff then you will certainly find yourself in a spot of bother. 

In saying that, it is advised that you do not smoke this legal weed, but it is used for ‘decorative’ purposes (what ever the hell that is) or for brewing in your CBD teaThis is a much more natural way to infuse your home made CBD oils or even some full spectrum cbd flower edibles!

Otherwise, your alternative is a CBD concentrate or a Pre-Roll.

Currently, it is really hard to get hold of really good CBD buds so we have swapped to a strain flavoured CBD Vape Pen (Like a StardawgWedding Cake Strain , MimosaZkittlez or Blue Dreamuntil the flower becomes more openly sold. 


WARNING – Is CBD Flower Legal in the UK 2020/2021?

The full legality of CBD flower is still a little bit of a grey area and with a influx or hemp bud products hitting the market it is hard to tell what is actually legal.As a rule of thumb, it is looking as thought CBD bud in the UK is not legal to be sold, and will be considered a cannabis plant if you are stopped by the police. So is CBD flower legal in the UK in 2019? It is becoming less, and less legal as we travel through the year! 

CBD flower variants can range in strengths. Be aware that anything above 7%ish CBD content is likely to either be boosted using a CBD isolate, or comes from a strain of cannabis that is high in THC. Although the packet may say less than 0.2% THC, if tested, a lot of the buds will contain an illegal amount of THC. If you are a buyer, or seller this could get you into a lot of how water.

We have tried our best to ensure that the CBD buds on this page are from the few remaining sellers of flower and are organic and natural. Before buying from a seller, ensure they have had the products lab tested and speak to the seller about the THC content in the product. 

Where to Buy CBD Cannabis Flower in the UK?

It is actually very hard to find somewhere reliable and trustworthy to buy organic and full spectrum CBD flowers. A lot of the time the buds turn up branchy or taste nothing like what was suggested on the website. 

We would suggest that you look into a brand such as HempElf to buy your organic CBD flower. Otherwise, you can easily find seeds that can be kept for when cultivating them is legal. 

Hemp & CBD Tea is one of the best ways to consume CBD flower. That warm bath of water helps to draw out the terpenes and cannabinoids to be absorbed into your body. Hemp tea is extremely popular and you can find a wide range of different of CBD hemp tea products, or you can by a big ole’ bud and do it yourself. With the ambiguity of the legality of CBD flower in the UK, there are plenty of shops selling their CBD buds as ‘Hemp Tea’. There is no difference between these and the ones that were being sold to smoke/ vape, just a technicality. Depending on the CBD buds you decide to buy, depends on the way that the tea will taste- maybe add some fruit juice or with some normal green tea. Some people suggest adding lemon, but that may damage the CBD compound!

As we have previously mentioned, we love a good old vape. While it is suggested that you should not smoke CBD flower, what the hell else do you do? We slightly agree in the fact that smoking the CBD flower is a bit of a waste. We fully suggest buying something like a dry herb vapourisor- we use the Dynavap M (latest version) because it is small, cost effective and gives a really nice big, clean hit. Vaping the hemp buds will draw out all of the goodness and flavours without burning the flower. This means that you get a really big intake of cannabinoids and terpenes, and a big flavour. Non of that burny, coughy feeling. Pure, simply and amazing white cloud of awesome! 

Get baked, mate. With a non-phycoactive CBD flower – sure. What we mean is get baking with it; put it in your food. Cannabis and food have been put together for as long as anyone can remember. From the brownies, to cupcakes, to snacks and bread you can add CBD flower into anything. Personally, we like to bake fresh bread. There is something to be said about the smell of fresh bread when it has a hint of cannabis. All you need to do is grind the flower and add it to the dough mixture. That’s it. It adds flavour, depth and cannabinoids. Don’t think of it like taking a CBD oil as if it were a food supplement, just use it as a healthy addition to your diet.