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Updated October 11th 2021

CBD beer has not quite hit the shelves in the UK, which is both surprising and very exciting. We know that CBD infused beer is right around the corner and will become the new way to relax after a long hard day at work or play. We personally love beer at the CBDbible, and with the rise in popularity and understanding of CBD has given way for a combination of both of our loves. CBD beer is starting to show its face in the USA, but yet we know that there are rumblings of it staring in the UK. As far as we are currently aware, there are not very many breweries who are selling CBD beer en-mass- so we have compiled a list of all the producers we know in the UK. But firstly we thought it would be useful to explain how CBD beer works and if it's worth your time.

Is CBD beer a gimmick?

CBD has been associated with lot of health and well-being properties due to its connection with the Endocannabioid system. This is something we all have in our bodies and was named after the plant which lead to its discover: Cannabis. The ECS helps your body achieve homeostasis and helps your body achieve normal bodily function- particularly healthy cell production and a normal balance of chemicals in the brain. Therfore, the ECS is a huge part of your bodies ability to relax and bust anxiety. CBD stimulates the ECS. A beer has been a source of relaxation since the very beginning of recorded time - imagine being able to supercharge your relaxation by drinking a cold beer and stimulating your endocannabinoid system.

There are arguments out there that suggest that putting CBD into a beer is pointless. The reason for this is that beer contains so many live and active ingredients that the CBD could potentially be completely destroyed or not stimulate the ECS as it should. We have it on good authority that this may be the case however, we are sure that there will be a white coat who has found a solution to this. Usually, CBD is billed as a 'health and well being' supplement- beer certainly is not that. CBD Beer may be a gimmick that is used to ride the crest of the CBD wave. There is no bad thing in that if the beer is good.

Where can you buy CBD beer in the UK?

Now onto our recommendations for where you can buy good CBD beer here in the UK:

Hop & Hemp (our favourite)

We actually had our review featured on the Hop & Hemp website, because we love them and their products! These CBD beers are unique because they're not just made with CBD, they're also low alcohol, low calorie and  vegan.


8mg per bottle CBD beer

The taste of both the lager and the IPA is great, plus you get 8mg of CBD per bottle which is a great dosage. They're 0% THC too so no fuzzy head here. Definitely check this CBD beer out.

You can explore the full range of CBD beers from Hop and Hemp here.

Hop & Hemp CBD beer

The Lowdown Lager and the Easy Times IPA both taste great


Cannabrew are based in the North of England, and have really picked up some steam over 2020/2021. They use broad-spectrum CBD with their beer (awesome), and they currently have a few beers on sale, including Sesh IPA and Soul Lager. Give them a shot, you can explore their range here.

Green Times Brewing New England IPA (Northern Monk) 7.2%

The owners of Green Times Brewing started their business lives by creating a successful CBD company called UltraCBD- they then turned their hand at brewing some good old CBD brew. They have offices in London and Manchester and seem to be going from strength to strength. We recently tried their Green Heathen IPA which they made in collaboration with Northern Monk. It's a great tasting 7.2% beer and we'll definitely be buying some more! Explore the range here.

Northern Monk CBD beer


Hanlon's are an established brewery who have recently added a CBD beer to their range - CBD IPA, made with mineral water from Devon and organic CBD. Each bottle contains 10mg of CBD. This beer is available to purchase in cases of 12.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you can check out the CBD beer brands we've recommend above, and hopefully you enjoy the beer!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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