CBD Bath Bombs – best brands to buy in the UK (Reviewed for 2021)

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Updated August 3rd 2021

As life seems more and more stressful and the everyday grind seems to get to people, one of the newer products and trends in the self-care industry is CBD bath bombs

Bath bombs have been around for quite a while now- they are colourful, bubble up when you put them in the water (so cool!) and many are scented with relaxing fragrances and contain oils and salts that are good for skins and help aching muscles, and lots of people swear by their therapeutic nature. Especially with rising levels of depression and anxiety, we are needing a little bit more than a moment of peace in the tub.

In the last couple of years CBD oil has become the biggest self-care product that is even eclipsing the traditional anxiety remedies, many people find the oils to be relaxing and help destress from a long day so it seems only natural for the two industries to meet up and try out a crossover, the CBD bath bomb.

We'll be looking at whether or not CBD bath bombs are worthwhile and where to buy them from, let's get into it:

Do CBD bath bombs really work?
What are the benefits of CBD bath bombs
What are the best CBD bath bombs to buy in the UK?
Lush 4:20pm CBD bath bomb
CBDlife bath bombs
Lazy Sunday CBD bath bombs
CBD Wellness Centre
CBD Ultra bath bombs
Orange County CBD bath bomb

Do CBD bath bombs really work?

We know that CBD can be absorbed effectively be the skin when applied topically, so it is likely that CBD bath bombs do really work. However it would always be better to apply a CBD balm because you can actually rub it into the skin, which helps the CBD to be absorbed.

We have a whole post about what CBD bath bombs actually do that you can check out.

What are the benefits of CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD is a compound derived from marijuana plants but are absent the hallucinogenic compound of THC and therefore don’t get people high. You may already know the benefits of CBD but how can they be taken in from a CBD bath bomb? I was pretty suspicious of this one myself- but the science checks out and my experience of them has actually been pretty positive. The idea behind the bath bomb is that the CBD is absorbed into the skin through the bathwater- which makes sense as the warm water opens your pores. There is one issue though- you can pay more than £10 per bath bomb, and while they are amazing at the time, most of the CBD gets washed down the plughole. There are certainly more cost-effective ways of taking on your daily CBD dose, but it could be worth it. 

They can help people relax and are used by many people in the self-care industry as a way to help their aching or exhausted body; CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Maybe a good relaxing treat for an athlete or nurse.

As the legalization movement has spread worldwide for marijuana, knowledge and comfort with things that are derived from the plant like CBD oils have risen and these days the reality is that there are tons of CBD infused products from waters, candies and of course bath bombs.

What are the best CBD Bath Bombs to buy in the UK?

We've picked the best options for buying CBD bath bombs that we could find here in the UK, check these out:

Lush 4:20pm CBD bath bomb

4:20pm Lush CBD bath bomb

Yes you are reading this correctly - Lush, the popular high street cosmetics brand, have created their very own CBD bath bomb and it actually looks awesome. Plus, we really love the name (4:20pm is the ideal time to run yourself a bath and enjoy a CBD bath bomb). Each bomb contains 25mg of CBD which is actually a pretty decent amount even compared to many of the bath bombs created by actual CBD companies. Our only criticism would be that it is maybe a little expensive. Overall we're impressed and recommend you give it a try.

Where to buy - uk.lush.com
How much? - £6.95 each

CBDLife bath bomb

CBD Life (2 bath bombs)

You could try some CBDlife bath bombs- they are a leading manufacturer of CBD cosmetics and may be worth a shot. Choose Between Relax and Refresh bath bombs with 100mgs of CBD each. They are produced in the UK too.

Where to buy - cbdlifeuk.com
How much? £7.95 each


One website based out of the UK that sells these bath bombs is BonneBombe, they specifically sell a “Sleep Assist” CBD Hemp Oil Aroma Therapy Bath Bomb that they point out is cruelty and GMO free and Vegan.  The totally legal bath bomb has 25mg of CBD oil and is absent of all active THC ingredients and therefore doesn’t require any special licenses or anything to buy, sell or transport. The website does state that this product is not intended for use of anyone under the age of 18, but otherwise is a totally safe to use.  It’s recommended to be used in warm water and that the warm water opens up your skin and allows the CBD to be quickly absorbed accordingly to help with relaxation. Some of the essential oils included in the bomb are Lavender, Lemon and Chamomile, combining for a rather relaxing infusion of oils.

Where to buy - BonneBombe.co.uk
How much? from £7 each


Another option for getting a CBD oil is at theCBDShop.co.uk where they sell CBD bath bombs with a 150mg CBD extract.  Their bomb contains hemp seed oil and olive oil as well, which many people have long sworn by as a relaxing and enjoyable oil for baths.  The website promises same day delivery and the bomb comes with 10mg CBD content per bomb. The bombs has a compliment of peppermint and tea tree oils to help enhance the bath bomb experience, as well as being made with all organically sourced ingredients.  The CBD Shop website prides itself on creating an ethical CBD oil infused bath bomb for your enjoyment.

Lazy Sunday CBD Bath Bombs

Lazy Sunday Bath Bombs is another website worth checking out if you’re interested in CBD bath bombs.  Lazy Sunday promises that these are bath bombs for people with chronic pain, made by people with chronic pain hoping to help give someone a pick me up.  They also proudly give back by donating 10% of their profits to charity, which is a nice touch. They sell a wide variety of 10 and 20mg CBD infused bath bombs of varying colors and scents as well.  They also have several basket options and pick your set options for people buying more than one at a time. Overall the website seems very small business and on their front page they discuss wanting to see their money do more for more people so they actually changed which charities they contribute to.

CBDfx bath bomb

CBD Wellness Centre (CBDfx bath bombs)

Another far larger option is the CBD Wellness Centre, touting several brands such as Privy Peach, Fresh Bombs, CBDfx and Diamond CBD.  This slick, professional-looking operation offers CBD bath bombs of varying intensities from 50mg to 100mg with numerous scents and oils of all kinds and assortments.  From Citrus with Coconut, to Sandalwood Rose to Lavender Mint, including such exotic scents as Eucalyptus Spearmint and Cherry Blossom. The Wellness Centre is a large website with tons of products and shipping options, it could require the use of a bath bomb to relax after going through such a large menu trying to decide what particular bombs to buy.

How much is it? From £7.99 per bath bomb
Buy it here

CBD Ultra bath bombs

CBD Ultra bath bombs (4 options)

CBD Ultra 4 different bath bombs containing CBD, including the 'Knock Out' bath bomb that contains 20mg of CBD. Definitely take a look at the CBD Ultra collection. 

How much is it? From £5 per pack
Buy it here

Orange County CBD bath bomb

Orange County CBD bath bomb

Orange County CBD is a pretty new brand on the UK CBD scene, but they're already growing in popularity. One of their most popular products is their bath bomb, which contains 150mg of CBD and is Orange/Pineapple flavoured. Check it out!

How much is it? £10 per bath bomb
Buy it here

In Conclusion

We don't think CBD bath bombs are the best CBD product by any means, but they can be a good way to get some additional CBD into your daily routine. Plus, there is evidence that the CBD can help make your bath that extra bit more relaxing. Now that they’re everywhere and available for order from numerous websites all across the UK, it’s only a matter of time until the relaxation spreads worldwide. Give them a shot!

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