CBD Armour Review (Our Honest Opinion)

CBD armour review

CBD Armour have grown hugely over the last year, and they're now established as one of the largest CBD companies in the UK. We thought it would be a good idea to review these guys to see what has helped them grow so quickly. As always we'll be taking a look at their:




Reddit Reputation


Let's get into the review:

What are the CBD Armour products like?

Let's just get this out the way right now - currently, in 2021, CBD Armour are selling face masks and they've put them right on their homepage! We find this pretty strange for a CBD company, but hey - it's 2020. The world may be about to end. They also sell a range of gloves and other medical supplies which make the company seem a little lost. We can see why a CBD company would have medical supplies on the website but it detracts from whole brand.

Aside from that, CBD Armour do obviously (and thankfully) sell CBD products. They have oils, skin balm and soap. Their 10% oil is very popular, but the product page is quite interesting. The oils are full spectrum which is great, but it's odd to see one of the benefits of the 10% oil listed as Making you feel happier during your daily activities". Not sure what that means really!
CBD Armour say that the products are organic, lab tested and full spectrum. Sadly we couldn't find any lab reports on the website so we'll have to take their word for it.
CBD Armour reviews Trustpilot

What are the CBD Armour reviews like?

CBD Armour use Trustpilot to collect their reviews, which is great to see. Currently they're sitting with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from over 240 reviews, which is a pretty good rating. Most of the reviewers mention that the products are good, especially the CBD oils (the 10% oil seems to be very popular). But the negative reviews are all pretty recent, and most of them mention the strange decision for CBD Armour to sell masks. To make it worse, some people seem disappointed in the quality of the masks. But listen, we're a CBD blog and we care about the CBD that CBD Armour are selling. For the most part, it looks like people are fans of their CBD products.

What does Reddit think of CBD Armour?

We always like to check Reddit when we're trying to find out more about CBD companies, because there is a large and knowledgeable CBD community on the platform. When we checked Reddit for information about CBD Armour, we found a number of threads about the brand - most of which were very positive, with a couple of negative threads too. We've included an image of a Reddit thread above where somebody is asking if CBD Armour are as good as they seem, and lots of users jumped to defend them which is great to see

FireShot Capture 444 - CBD Armour not what it seems_ _ CBD_UK - www.reddit.com
CBD armour review

In Conclusion

CBD Armour have built their reputation up by selling good CBD oils, so it's strange to see them now selling masks (and featuring them so prominently across their site). But who are we to judge.


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