The exciting future of CBD

March 12th, 2021


With the UK Financial Conduct Authority authorising medical cannabis (like the OZK strain) companies to list on the London Stock Exchange earlier this year, we feel more confident than ever that the UK is preparing to step up to the global stage in the world of cannabis.

The UK CBD industry is estimated to be worth £1 billion in the next 5 years, and it seems obvious to us that this industry is ready to explode. We're excited to see how the industry benefits not just large businesses, but also how it creates more jobs for opportunities for us as we come out of the worst recession for almost 300 years.

In early February, Kanabo became the first medical cannabis company to be approved to list on the London Stock Exchange, seeing the company shares almost quadruple. Kanabo make medical-grade vaporisers that use cartridges of liquid derived from cannabis flowers, and have been dubbed "the Nespresso of cannabis". Their innovative technology has gotten people excited about the future of cannabis here in the UK.

These are exciting times for the UK CBD industry and we're happy to see Kanabo at the forefront of this progression.