Cannatonic Strain

Cannatonic Strain

Strain | 50% Hybrid

Cannabinoids | 17% CBD | THC (6%)

Terpenes | Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and Linool.


More About Cannatonic

As you can tell, our blog is all about CBD but when we write about cannabis strains we always talk about THC content. This is a break from that traditions as the Cannatonic strain is one of the many famous CBD strains. 

In recent years, CBD has become insanely popular which has given rise to more breeders producing CBD rich strains. Many of them still contain a significant percentage of THC, but the CBD levels out the high; many do not even get high from these strains. 

Cannatonic is the result of crossing a female (MK Ultra) with a male plant (G13 Haze) by Resin seeds. The final strain is a 50% hybrid which produces up to 17% CBD, and as low as 6% THC. This will produce quite a potent CBD joint!


What does Cannatonic Look like? 

In the UK we have a bit of an issue with trusted CBD flower suppliers. A lot of the time, the flower is either very poor quality or not what you expected. 
Many will get an industrial hemp bud that has been sprayed with synthetic terpenes so that they replicate the aroma of the stain they wish to replicate. Some of the cannatonic strain flowers we have seen are exactly this. 
The bud should be a deep olive green and its structure should be long and pointed in a loose and full clustering of leaves. The loosely packed leaves are broken up by long hairs and long bright orange pistls. If your bud is dense, short or coned then you have something else. 

Aroma & Flavours

Compared to other CBD strains, Cannatonic has a particularly strong and enjoyable flavour profile. It has a sweet, citrus tang on the nose at first. On the tongue, cannatonic becomes much more complex with peppery herbal notes, and a flowery sweetness that lingers long after the joint is finished. 
Compared to other CBD strains, the flavour of cannatonic is night and day. There are no other CBD strains with as much natural flavour. 

The Cannatonic High

With Cannatonic being a high CBD strain, it is unlikely that a user will feel a high but with the 6% THC will have an impact. 

The buzz from cannatonic is very relaxing, soothing and has fantastic medical benefits. The best time to enjoy the strain is in the afternoon, to sooth your mind and body before settling in for the night. 

If you love smoking cannabis, but you’re not always in the mood for getting high, then cannatonic is the strain for you. 



Like many of the hemp based CBD strains, Cannatonic is best grown indoors but you may find that it has issues with mildew and molds. 

You can yield up to 500 grams per square meter which it is grown indoors. 

CBD Cannatonic Strain


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