Cannatiger CBD Tiger Balm (Honest Review)

Recently, we have started to try out different products other than CBD oils. Since the changes caused by the novel food regulations, cosmetic CBD and CBD balms are becoming all the rage. They are a great way to apply topical CBD and are perfect for those involved in sports.

In the process of purchasing some products to review, we came across a brand of CBD balm called Cannatiger which is a CBD infused Tiger Balm. This instantly added it to the basket and purchased it, thus you are reading this review.

While there are plenty of companies who sell Tiger Balm style products (usually called walming balms), there are few as close to the original than this is.

What is Cannatiger CBD Balm?

In short, Tiger Balm is a topical product designed to help with injury and to boost recovery from sports. The balms are usually found in pharmacies or traditional medicine shops. The packaging is iconic, has a uniquely strong smell and a very effective warming and cooling effect. It is one of the leading sports balms after generations.

Although it took a fair bit of digging, it seems that Cannatiger is a product produced by Plant of Life, a Spanish company with facilities across Europe. It uses the Tiger Balm style and gives it a boost with CBD (ideally to compliment the already well documented benefits of Tiger Balm).

While they have a few shops it seems as though they are not very well known in the UK, it seems that Plant of Life are a manufacturer and retailer of everything from terpenes, to cannabis flowers, waxes and vapes. What is well known is the Cannatiger CBD Balm, which is found on wholesale websites and may explain why it is easily found on a number of retailers across the UK.

We purchased ours on Otherside in London who are a local shop to one of our contributors.


Our Cannatiger Review

Upon first impression, we didn’t realise that this product was not produced by the same company as Tiger Balm. We first reaslied when we took the product out of the box and the iconic molded lid was missing. The style, logo and design is very similar. While we love it but it is very, very close to the original brand and we would suspect may cause some trouble.

The balm itself is a tiny bit harder than what we remembered from the original but the scent is exactly the same. When applying the balm you can feel a nice warming yet cooling sensation, which melts away the aches and pains. It smells bloody amazing!

The theory behind the balm is that it helps with inflammation and boosts recovery by increasing blood flow and the CBD does its magic. We certainly noticed a difference in terms of muscle soreness after the gym, recovery and performance. For any athele or regular gym goer the balm is highly recommended.

In terms of price, the balm comes in three sizes with different concentrations and sizes: a 5ml with 150mg of CBD (£14), a 30ml with 150mgs of CBD (£17) and a 15ml with 450mgs of CBD (£20). In all honesty, that is a very fair price for what you are getting. We’d say that there isn’t too much CBD in either of the products and would love to have a stronger option too, but the products work and that is all that matters.


Our (Honest) CBD Tiger Balm Conclusion

To conclude our CBD tiger balm review we’d recommend this to anybody. It is clearly a good product and smells great.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK