Cannadips review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Cannadips review

Cannadips are a CBD pouch company that have been operating since 2016. Despite being around for a number of years, they only recently popped up on our radar after we read a number of positive reviews about the brand. Having tried the products and experienced the company firsthand, we know understand why they have built up such an ardent following. Despite being based in the USA, the company sell their products through Europe.

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We thought it would be a good idea to review Cannadips for the benefit of our readers. As always, we'll be taking a look at the products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into the review:

What are the Cannadips products like?

Cannadips use American Hemp, just like a bunch of UK CBD companies (including Hempura and Hemp Botanics) A 'CBD pouch' (absorbed in a similar way to CBD chewing gum) might not be something you've heard of before, however these products are great and well worth your attention. Essentially a CBD pouch is a small pouch of CBD infused product which you can place between your lips and gums (like people often do with tobacco) for around 40 minutes. What we love about this is how effectively it allows the CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream - the reason we take CBD oil under our tongue and hold it there for a few minutes is to allow the CBD to be absorbed through the thin skin in your mouth. However this can be a little uncomfortable for some people, and the pouches are a great alternative. Not only does the pouch allow the CBD to be absorbed effectively, they also taste great - Cannadips sell tins containining 15 pouches each, with each pouch containing 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum can be a good alternative to full spectrum CBD products if you are tested regularly. The pouches are available in 3 different flavours, we tried the natural mint flavour which was great and the other 2 are tangy citrus and American spice which also sound great.

If that wasn't enough, Cannadips have their lab reports clearly linked to within the main navigation of their website - awesome.

How long do you keep Cannadips in your mouth?

Our advice is to keep your Cannadips pouch in your mouth until the flavour has gone from the pouch. This usually takes about an hour. Cannadips advise that it takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes for the CBD to be fully absorbed so you could leave the pouch in for at least 30 minutes if you prefer.

What are the Cannadips reviews like?

Cannadips have a section on their site where you can read real reviews from verified customers, and as you'd imagine the overall consensus is very positive. People are not only delighted with the products, they're also really happy with the customer service. Furthermore, we always like to check Reddit for reviews of CBD products and we found lots of threads about Cannadips where users were very complimentary about the products. That's a big tick for us as the CBD community on Reddit is very active and knowledgeable.

Cannadips review

In Conclusion

Some people might think it's strange to use pouches to consume CBD, but you should seriously check Cannadips out. The fact that you can place a pouch in your mouth and leave it there comfortably for an hour is great and is exactly how CBD should be consumed. Check them out! Enjoyed that review? We've also got reviews of Holistic Herb CBD, CBD Brothers, CBD Guru and FourFive CBD.


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