Hemp & Cannabis Seeds

Believe it or not, you can actually purchase Cannabis Seeds in the UK quite easily. While this is very much a grey area is at the moment legal and very easy to do. The issues with Cannabis seeds is that you literally have no idea what you are purchasing, whether the seeds you are buying are the real deal or what to do with them? Afterall, to hold seeds is not illegal, but to cultivate or germinate the seeds is breaking the current laws.

In all honesty, they are a fantastic investment for when (not if, when) cannabis is legalized- if you have a load of seeds then they will be like gold-dust. Particularly some of the rare and famous strains: like Gorilla Glue, StarDawg, Tangerine Dream and the famous Wedding Cake strain.

We have had a look around and tried to find as much information about weed seed companies as we can to make some recommendations- with this being a gray area it is understandable quite worrying to think who will be holding your credit card information and address- but we have your back.

Cannabis Seeds Law UK

As mentioned previously, Cannabis seeds are one of those wonderful grey areas in the weed world which makes zero sense. It is simply one of the many products which have slipped through the cracks.

To purchase hemp / cannabis seed in the UK is completely legal; it is no more illegal than poppy holding any other kind of seeds. It is however against the law to germinate and cultivate the cannabis from these seeds. Cultivation the issue here. Many companies suggest that the seeds should be held as as ornaments when the laws are changed. Great idea! They are actually a great investment as many genetics are changed or lost over the years. 

You may however, be understandably concerned that if you purchase the seeds then you will be quickly exposing yourself to some heat. Who buys a weed seed to look at anyway? There doesn’t seem to be any websites that can operate without any of your information however, you can pay via a bank transfer or bitcoin which is semi-anonymous (you can be tracked but its fairly complicated/ more tricky than a bank transfer anyway).

Although you may be worried, it is still not illegal to hold seeds, no matter what they produce- after all poppy seeds are fairly easy to get your hands on and you can make some pretty potent things with those.


More About Weed Seeds

There isn’t a huge visable difference between a feminized (do not produce male parts of the plant to fertilise and cause the flower to seed) or autoflowering cannabis seed (flowers very easily and quickly), nor any difference between a indica or sativa seeds and those which are for industrial hemp. It is why buying weed seeds in the UK can be tricky business. 

To help you identify the seeds they should be around the size of a match-head (they can be slightly bigger/smaller but not too much. They can be as large as a small pea. The indica seeds are slightly smaller than those for the Sativa strain. 

Hemp Seeds are one of the newest health trends as they are packed with essential fatty acids such as Omega 3,6 and 9 which are essential for repair, growth and cognitive function. There is little difference between the make-up of the seeds – only the THC content of the plant they produce. If you want to eat the seeds, its cheaper and easier to buy hemp seeds.

Finally, one plant can produce over 1500 seeds.Some strains do not produce seeds and other are specifically produced to be able to yield many. 

How to store Cannabis Seeds

It is important that you protect your seeds to ensure that they are in the best condition for when the law in the UK changes. You should store your seeds between 5-7 degrees centigrade which is pretty cold. They should also be kept away from moisture to prevent them from germinating.