Canavape (Our Honest Review)

Canavape are a CBD vape oil company based in the UK. As we find ourselves using CBD vape products more frequently here at CBD Bible, we have grown to appreciate them more. This is why we’re making more of an effort to review CBD vape companies like Canavape, so our readers are introduced to more brands.

As you may expect, Cannavape provides a range of Vape juice/liquid, CBD vape pens, CBD concentrates and some CBD flower.

As always we’ll be taking a look at their products, reviews and customer service to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:

Who are Canavape?

Canavape were one of the first CBD vape brands around in the UK. Founded in London way back in 2014, they helped to introduce CBD vape products to a much wider market and have now established themselves at the forefront of the vape industry. You’ll find them stocked in a number of places online, although due to their popularity the products are often sold out!

What are the Canavape products like?

Unlike many CBD vape liquid brands, Canavape actually have quite a refined selection of products. We definitely don’t have a problem with this, as we’d prefer a company to focus on a smaller selection of products. Some CBD vape brands have 50 or 60 flavours to choose from, but Canavape have around 20. This includes household names like Super Sour Haze, OG Jane, Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. It would be cool to see more like Tangerine Dream, the famous Wedding Cake strain or Gorilla Glue.
What’s even more impressive is that these vape liquids are full-spectrum CBD products, which means they contain other cannabinoids like CBG, CBDv and THC (allowing users to benefit from the “entourage effect” when consumed).
Overall we’re super impressed with the quality of the vape liquids. Plus, they have lab reports!

What are the Canavape reviews like?

We’re very happy to see that Canavape have a Trustpilot profile. We love seeing companies use third-party platforms to collect reviews because all the reviews are by verified customers. Canavape are currently sitting with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from almost 600 reviews, a fantastic rating. Overall reviewers seem delighted with the quality of the products and customer service offered by Canavape. What’s also great to see is that Canavape provide detailed responses to any negative reviews on there.


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