Can CBD be prescribed?

Can CBD be prescribed?

Can CBD be prescribed?

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Updated August 3rd 2021

Many of our readers ask us - "if CBD is so helpful, why can't I be prescribed CBD products by my doctor?". It's a good point, especially considering the numerous benefits that people have found from regular consumption of CBD products.

We thought it would be useful to take a quick look at this issue here in the UK and to compare our situation to the situation across the pond.

Would your doctor ever recommend you take CBD?

At the moment in the UK, the government has approved two cannabis-based medicines; Epidyolex and Sativex, both of which can be prescribed to an adult by their doctor. This is promising and suggests that we might well one day see CBD being prescribed by doctors here in the UK. But our suspicion is that it is a long way off. Here in the UK, CBD companies aren't allowed to talk about the benefits of CBD products or make anything close to a medical claim about their products, which suggests that the government is still waiting for more definitive evidence to demonstrate the benefits of the compound (as if we don't have enough of that already).


How does it work in the US?

The US is much further ahead of us in this regard as I'm sure you'll be aware. For starters, there are a number of states where you can be prescribed CBD by your doctor for a variety of uses, including pain and sleep. Furthermore, CBD companies have much more flexibility and freedom with their advertising and can openly market their products for specific uses such as sleep, pain and anxiety.

However, It's worth noting that not everyone can be guaranteed to receive CBD from their doctor if requested, particularly if they're already on medication. We listened to a great interview with a well-known doctor/pharmacologist in the US called Dr. Michele Ross, who mentioned that if you're already on prescription medicine then you need to be careful as CBD can interfere with certain anti-depressants or pain medicines, and recommends that you consult with your health professional before purchasing a CBD product for yourself.

Can CBD be prescribed?

In Conclusion

We hope for a day when we'll be able to receive CBD on prescription here in the UK, but we accept that we might be quite a long way from that. In the meantime, head to the States!

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