Cambis Health launches the CBD Trust Mark to build consumer trust in a crowded and confusing market (Press Release)

CAmbis CBD Trust Mark

Alongside CBD’s huge rise in popularity in the UK, there have been many reports in the media of consumers buying products that contain much lower levels of CBD than advertised* and in some cases no CBD at all! This is wholly unacceptable from a customer point of view and, if the market is to achieve its forecast levels of growth, it is something that MUST be addressed. Cambis intends to
place the power back in the hands of the consumer and deliver an innovative, science led approach resulting in an easily identifiable ‘badge of trust’ to aid customer purchase decisions. This will safeguard against CBD users buying inferior products that display inaccurate and/or misleading labels.

What is the Cambis CBD Trust Mark and why is it needed?

The use of the Trust Mark is awarded to CBD brands after their products have been purchased and then tested by a leading UK University based, Home Office licensed laboratory to validate their % CBD content and to ensure that they also display a clear and valid ‘Best Before’ date. Cambis embarks on the customer journey and purchases CBD oil either in-store or online. Samples sent by brands or suppliers are not accepted in order to ensure that the tested product is the same
product that a customer would purchase.
Based around the traffic light system seen on food packaging, the Cambis CBD Trust Mark is an effective tool for both consumers and CBD brands. The Trust Mark is designed to empower and simplify consumer purchase decisions by delivering a layer of trust and transparency to both CBD products and the CBD industry, enabling brands to gain and retain more of the potential market share still available. As an instantly recognisable ‘badge of trust’ displayed on the packaging of brands’ products, the Cambis CBD Trust Mark is a Registered Design in the U.K and throughout all 27
member states of the European Union.

Why is the CBD Trust Mark needed? Isn't the Novel Foods Certification enough?

Novel Foods certification is an important step for the U.K CBD industry as authorisation means that a CBD brand has passed through the required steps to sell safe CBD in accordance with the Novel Foods regulations. Not all brands will be compliant and some will still be sold until they are required to be removed. A large percentage of potential and existing customers will not have heard of Novel Foods and fewer will know what it really means.


The Cambis Trust Mark is designed so that your customers have an easily recognisable symbol that tells them that the product has been independently verified to contain the level of CBD they think they are buying, enabling you to gain and retain more of the potential market share that is still available. It helps customers to purchase your product over a competitor as they can be sure about the product they are buying.

What does the CBD Trust Mark analyse and how is it awarded?

If the resultant laboratory report shows that a product contains the percentage of CBD to within 10%** as stated on the label, and has a clear and valid ‘Best Before’ date which all food items should display, then the company is awarded a GREEN Trust Mark for use on their product packaging. If it is not within the appropriate levels, or does not have a clear and/or valid ‘Best Before’ date, an AMBER or RED mark will be issued as appropriate. Please visit our website for an explanation of the criteria brands must meet to receive the relevant CBD Trust Mark.

Cambis Health - who are we?

Cambis is a healthcare company at the forefront of cannabinoid and psychotherapeutic science and technology in association with one of the U.K’s leading universities. Cambis creates confidence for consumers in the CBD industry and rapidly emerging psychotherapeutics category, initially in the U.K and across Europe. We are united with brands and consumer in their belief in quality CBD products, which give consumers choice and brands confidence in what they are selling
“Reputable CBD brands should provide online Certificates of Analysis for their products. However, for the most part these are science heavy laboratory reports that the everyday consumer will have no chance of understanding. In addition, these reports are usually provided by the CBD wholesaler therefore U.K brands have to put their trust in them and hope that they are accurate – it is a brand’s reputation that suffers if they are found not to be. At Cambis, we are not here to ‘police’ the CBD industry or pass judgment on its constituents - we intend to work WITH brands to ensure that their customers receive the highest quality CBD products and that those customers have trust in the product they are paying for. We report the facts as we find them to enable consumers to make more informed purchase decisions. Based on clear science and guidance regarding the amount of CBD in their chosen products, and that they are within a reasonable date range for consumption when
purchased, we answer consumers’ most frequently asked question concerning CBD – “DOES IT
CONTAIN WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN?” and we are delighted to have awarded the first Green CBD Trust Mark to The Canni Family. At Cambis, we are committed to ensuring transparency for
consumers of CBD and our next step will be to include that same level of clarity on levels of THC and other controlled cannabinoids in CBD products. We are working hard to obtain clear legal clarification and find a meaningful way to include this into our CBD Trust Mark.” - Damion Carruel, CEO, Cambis Health Ltd


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