CBD Business Consultancy UK

Building, Launching and Growing Your CBD Business!

Building, launching and growing a CBD business is unlike any other. It is much more complex that you would assume. It takes a lot of industry knowledge, the ability to navigate a nuanced landscape of legislation and ensure your customers are satisfied. Easy right? Think again!

You need industry experts, business consultants and passionate individuals who have years of experience building businesses around the world; including CBD businesses in the UK. We are here to help you not only build your CBD company to ensure its the growth of the cannabis industry’s success, and you keep ahead of the ever changing cannabis industry. We have you covered from building a reputable brand, to implementing correct, and ethical business process and help you look forward to ensure your business is future proof. ie- when commercial growing is more accessible or being ready for full THC products.


Need Some Advice and Support?

Below we have pooled our experience to give you the perfect information to ensure your CBD business gets the right start. After this, if you require additional support we will be more than happy to book at consultation with Steve, our business expert who provides CBD business consultancy UK wide and outsourcing solutions. 

First step is to check out our guide for starting a CBD company: it has been carefully tailored to give you a fantastic foundation and where to go next. Using this method Steve and his team have helped businesses grow from 10 sales a month to over 15 sales a day- turning over 20K a month and 200k a year in their first 6-12 months!

We need you to cover the basics so that you can hit the ground running when an expert can get into revolutionizing your business. 

CBD Friendly Business Process Outsourcing

CBD friendly business process outsourcing is an essential part of growth – especially in an industry which is growing this fast. It is essential that you maintain a fantastic relationship with your customers and give them expert advice. While it is easy to find great customer service people, here in the UK, as a small to medium sized business it is a very fine balancing act between making enough sales, and making payday deadlines every month. Trust us, we know. 

You can solve quite a few issues with business process outsourcing that is both affordable, dynamic and effective. While you focus on your day job, why not pass customer service, accounting, data entry and lots, lots more! We personally can vouch for the excellence of FGS!