Bud and Tender (Our Honest Review)

Bud and Tender review

Bud & Tender are a UK based CBD company, founded by Mark Turner and Charles Clowes. They decided to set up Bud & Tender after a series of underwhelming experiences with a variety of CBD products. Deciding that they could do better, they set out to create a company dedicated to quality CBD products. We've heard a lot of talk about these guys - for example, we had heard that they were the only UK CBD company recommended by the UKCSC. So we thought it would be a good idea to review them. Let's get into the review:


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What are the Bud & Tender products like?

The CBD oils made by Bud & Tender are made in England at their laboratory. Take a quick look at their site and you'll see they take this aspect of their business very seriously - there is a pretty sizeable team dedicated to creating the oils, and they use the labs at the University of Hertfordshire.
Bud and Tender only sell CBD oils, all of which include lab reports on the product pages. The lab reports show trace amounts of THC (Bud and Tender note it as ND THC). This means you won't necessarily benefit from the entourage effect when you consume these oils, as the amount found in the oil is so small. For some people this is fine, for others who prefer full spectrum CBD oils they may want to look elsewhere.
Bud and Tender sell 4 different CBD oils, 2 10ml bottles (at 10% and 5%) and 2 30ml bottles (at 10% and 5%). We like the branding - simple and clean. They've recently updated their filtration process so the oil is even better than before (Mark from Bud and Tender messaged us directly to notify us of this).

What are the reviews like for Bud and Tender?

Bud and Tender Trustpilot


Bud and Tender use Trustpilot to collect their reviews, which is our preferred third party platform. They're currently sitting with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 210 reviews. That is seriously impressive and shows that these guys aren't messing around. Most of the reviewers mention the quality of the CBD oils, as well as the willingness of the Bud and Tender guys to share as much information as possible about the extraction, processing and testing to reassure their customers. We're very impressed with this.
Bud and Tender review

In Conclusion

Bud and Tender take their craft seriously. If you want to ensure you're getting the purest CBD oil possible, these guys will be a solid choice. One thing to mention is these oils aren't full spectrum, so if you're really serious about your CBD you might be undecided. Also, the products are a bit expensive for anyone who is new to CBD. But ultimately, we think these guys are a solid choice for anyone wanting a broad spectrum oil.


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