Browns CBD (Our Honest Review)

We first noticed Browns CBD a couple of years ago when they were first starting out. Since then, it seems as though they have grown in size and have been featured in a couple of online blogs and news articles. As they have been around for a while, we thought it was time to take a deeper dive into what makes Browns tick and commit to writing a review.

Let's dive into the rest of our Browns CBD review:

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Who is Brown's CBD?

It seems that Brown's CBD (not to be confused with Dr Browns CBD or Browns Botanicals) is a CBD start-up from Sheffield and has been named after the companies founder Laurence Brown. While the company may be quite visible online, it is still just a family-run business. It is great to see a small retailer sitting alongside companies with millions of pounds of investment. We found a couple of online interviews where Laurence talks about his experience in business and his ambition for his business, it's clear that he has a real passion for what he does.

What is clear is that Laurence's expertise is in marketing, and has used these skills to forward his CBD brand into a decently sized business. The company stands for transparency, affordability and customer care, with a focus on quality.


The Products

Once you get to know most of the suppliers in the CBD industry, it starts to become fairly easy to whittle down where a company sources their CBD. We know that Brown's CBD sources all of their products from one of the best dutch CBD oil suppliers out there, and offers the range at a more competitive price than other retailers of this manufacturer. We particularly love the Bio-Max formula which is a firm favourite with many CBD lovers. We are certain that what is in the bottle is great, well-loved and can be trusted.

Browns CBD offers a range of raw CBD oil strengths (from 3% up to 25%), a water-soluble product, CBG oil, CBD capsules and CBD patches. Each of the products has example lab reports clearly displayed, the oil is raw and full-spectrum as advertised: there is nothing deceptive here. The CBD ticks all the boxes from a great manufacturer who produce their oils in an ISO rated facility using EU derived Hemp.

While we can confidently say that the oil inside the bottle is quality, if we are to be honest, the branding/labels (which is very close to the CBDlife logo) or social media content does not scream quality to us. To look at the website it is fairly basic, the images are photoshopped poorly and look quite tacky.

The social media presence is also needing to be given some love. There are some examples of great imagery of the bottles crossed with some cheap social media mock-ups (like the feet in front of the fire). The whole experience doesn't do the CBD any justice and we would imagine this would make a newcomer suspicious of the value offered.

If you can look past these minor superficial issues then we know that you will get great CBD at a really good price. We would recommend the Browns CBD products.

The Brown's CBD products are excellent and we're very impressed, all we'd like to see is a bit more of a streamlined website/brand experience.


What others Say

We almost always take our reviews from Trustpilot as it is a third party review platform which is somewhat regulated. Most of the time, the reviews give you a good idea of how the company is viewed but its customers. Brown's CBD has 42 reviews, 1 4 star and the rest 5 starts. This is a great average and most of the comments include the fact that the CBD is great quality, at a great price.

We also found a couple of mentions on Reddit where customers enjoyed the CBG oils and said that the quality was fairly good. The only other reference is from a user called 'Brown's CBD' which has since been deleted.


In Conclusion

To bring everything together, Browns CBD does indeed offer great quality, for a great price. There is a lot of potential here for a great business, however, we feel that the general branding and quality of the marketing materials and imagery will put off a lot of potential customers. Look past this and you will great value for money!



Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK