Best Online Head Shops UK

Although cannabis is illegal in the UK, there are a wealth of UK head shops around the who sell a range of glassware, bongs, pipes girders and merch. All of which are designed for the consumption of hemp or cannabis. While you can certainly purchase a lot of the equipment from corner shops, we feel that the humble UK head shop is the keystone community for when cannabis is legalised. These guys have unrivaled knowledge and passion for the plant we all love!

So, before the cannabis wave hits vape shops and all kinds of businesses trying to cash in on the green buck we wanted to write an informational post about a wide range of head shops across the UK who are worth visiting and spending your money with. 

So without further ado – here are the best head shops from London to Edinburgh!


Head Shop London

Otherside is one of the coolest London head shop/ cannabinoid dispensaries you’ll ever come across. Not only do they sell a whole range of handy cannabis accessories, they sell only quality cannabinoid products from around the world. 

To add to this, they also host regular DJ sets and are the pick of some massive celebs. Get to London and see the very cutting edge of cannabis culture. 

The Dragon Head Shop in London is seemingly an online shop based in London which sells a huge range of bongs and other equipment which will help you explore the wonders of the herb. 

We decided to include the Dragon Head Shop in our selection based on the good reviews and the wide range of products on their website. We’re sorry to say that the website needs to be updated but it seems like a trustworthy brand to use!

If you are local (or visiting) central London then the Soho Smoking Hemp shop may be a great place to stop by. We have been personally and can say that they are friendly and have a huge range of products to sell. 

It is set in the busy and progressive Soho district which is easy to access and walk through when visiting north of the Thames. 

Head Shops in Edinburgh

The Hemp Community is a small social enterprise based in Leith which predominantly sells a huge range of hemp based products. More recently, the shop has diversified its range of products to include rolling papers, bongs, lighters and more. 

They are a social enterprise so every penny of profit goes into something positive for the local Edinburgh community.  

Apothecary in Edinburgh is one of the most famous head shops in Scotland, and has a cult following of dedicated fans. The shop is situated in the south side of the city and boasts a huge range of bongs, rollers, grinders, clothing and other items ideal for those with a ‘hippy’ persuasion.

If you are looking for a head shop in Edinburgh then you can’t go wrong with Apothecary! 

The Smoking Fox is another of Edinburgh’s famous head shops which sell a huge range of cannabis products, including CBD, bongs, grinders, seeds and more. Although the smoking fox is more of a generic smoking shop, you can purchase a huge range of cannabis related products. 

The smoking fox is a friendly place so go check it out!

Head Shops Manchester

Based in Stockport the Dragon Head Shop may be a great place to check out. We are not sure if they are affiliated with the shop in London, but the Dragon Head Shop in Manchester seem to have a good rep!

Head Shops Glasgow

Head Shops in Belfast




UK Head Shop


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