Benefits of Lipsomal CBD

There is a new king in town; Liposomal CBD. This kind of CBD product is very new but could be a complete game-changer. Liposomal supplements are quite readily available but adding CBD to them is very new.

Let’s discuss what Liposomal Technology is, what are the benefits for Liposomal CBD and which are the best Liposomal CBD supplements that we have found in the UK. 


What is Liposomal Technology?

Liposomal food supplements have been around for a while now but the word about them is just starting to spread. Liposomal technology is designed specifically to increase the effectiveness, and bioavailability of food supplements but making the compounds ‘fat-soluble’, rather than ‘water-soluble’.

Before we dive into what Liposomal technology is we need to somewhat understand why ‘water-soluble’ you compare Liposomal supplements with shop-bought water-soluble supplements (like the effervescent tablets)  the cell uses a transporter called SCV2 to absorb the compounds (whether that be Vitamin C). The transporter can carry a small amount at a time and does so very slowly; this results in a lot of the vitamins entering the body are wasted. Most of what you consume is peed out. Only 20% of what you consume via a water-soluble supplement is used by the body. Even if you consume a higher dose, the body can only use so much.

Liposomal food supplements are made by encapsulating valuable compounds into tiny fat bubbles called Liposomes which replicate ‘Phospholipids’ (found in breast milk). The phospholipid shell is so similar to the human cell membrane that the compounds are absorbed directly into the cell to be used. The technology is way more effective and efficient.

So you may be thinking – what are the benefits? 


Benefits of Liposomal CBD?

There are loads of benefits of liposomal CBD. Studies have shown that non-CBD Liposomal supplements to be up to 40x more effective, and the compounds stay in the blood serum for significantly longer. Some reports say that up to 90% of the compounds consumed via a Liposomal formula are absorbed by the body which means they are significantly more effective.

Generally, liposomal supplements show the following benefits:

  • Increased Absorption into the Blood Stream
  • Increased Celular Level Bioavailability
  • Better Value for Money
  • Protects Valuable Nutrient from Digestive System
  • Up to 40x More Effective vs Water-Soluble

When discussing the benefits of Liposomal CBD the same principles apply. Although CBD is fat-soluble, the body finds it hard to break down and a lot of the compounds are wasted in the liver. When the CBD is encapsulated in a liposome it is protected from the digestive system and is delivered directly into the cell, allowing the compound to stay in your body for longer at higher levels.

Compared to a CBD oil where the absorption can range from between 17%-35%, the rates of absorption from Liposomal supplements may be significantly higher. There are still studies to understand how much more absorbable it is, but from experience, we can assure anybody reading this that they are significantly more effective.


The Best Liposomal CBD UK

Liposomal CBD products are few and far between at the moment, but there are a number of them popping up around the place. We have put together a list of the best liposomal CBD products we have found.


1. Green Gold - Hemp Community

Social Enterprise and Powerful Liposomal CBD

We came across Green Gold with a quick google search but we have known about the Hemp Community for a while. Previously ‘Hemp Can Help’, the social enterprise has started stocking a whole range of its own branded CBD products including Liposomal CBD.

Green Gold is a water-soluble Liposomal tincture (can be added seamlessly with water) that contains 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD (5%) and packs a significant punch. The effects are evident after just a few pumps of the mixture and has a nice lemon-y flavour. 

The effects are almost as powerful as a vape which says something. 


  • Great value for money and lab tested
  • Money goes to support social enterprise.
  • 30ml bottles can last for 2 months (200 drops)


  • Only has 75 servings so may not last as long as an oil. 


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK