HBHM (Our Honest Review) Brewdog’s Martin Dickie Lauches CBD Company

Yes, you read that right- Brewdog's Martin Dickie has launched (or is part of the launch) a CBD brand called HBHM. We saw this advertised in a range of online newspaper articles, and knowing a thing or two about the CBD industry, we thought we would take a look. Afterall,…

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Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie Strain Strain | 60% Indica Hybrid Cannabinoids | THC 16-18% | CBD (<1%) Terpenes | Pinene, Humulene, Linalool. More About Cherry PieWho doesn't love a long toke from the Cherry Pie Strain? Especially when you know that it is the love child of Granddaddy Purple and the classic…

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Get fit for 2021 (Part 1)

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Get fit for 2021 (Part 1)  We know you guys are interested in your health, so we hope you're starting 2021 with some new fitness goals in mind. During this lockdown period when it's easy to get lazy, one of the best ways to ensure you stick to your goals…

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