ApexXx CBD (Our Honest Review)

Aside from having a name like a bad Vin Diesel movie, ApexXx CBD seem like a pretty great CBD company. So we thought it would be a good idea to take a deep dive into this brand to see what has made them so popular here in the UK. This review will be based on our own experiences with ApexXx CBD, but also the reviews of others that we’ve found online. Let’s get into the review:


ApexXx CBD overview

Based in London, ApexXx CBD offer a wide range of CBD products and ship them across the UK. The company is part of ApexXx Nutrition. They’ve got the usual products you’d expect to find – CBD oil, vape oil and balms. But they’ve also got some interesting CBD products like CBD freeze for targeted muscle pain, and bath bombs. We’re also a fan of their branding and they’ve got a learning centre on their website, a great idea for anyone who is new to CBD.


What are the reviews like of ApexXx CBD?

apexxx cbd facebook

Sadly we couldn’t find a Trustpilot profile for ApexXx CBD, which is a shame as we prefer to refer to reviews on that platform. However they do have a good number of reviews on their Facebook page, which are mostly positive for their CBD products. The review pictured above is from the Facebook page and is positive, also stating that the customer service is good.


What does Reddit think of ApexXx CBD?

We couldn’t find any reviews for ApexXx CBD on Reddit, something we find surprising as there is a very active CBD community on Reddit.


Final Thoughts

Overall we’re fans of the ApexXx CBD product range and branding/ethos, however we’d love to see more reviews from third party platforms so we can get a fuller picture of what this CBD company is like.






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