ACS Lab Testing for CBD

2 minute read

March 11th 2021

We get lots of emails every month from businesses that want to learn more about lab testing and to see examples of a trusted laboratory. As one of the leading cannabis testing labs in the U.S, we often send people to check out ACS. For this reason we thought we would produce a short article about what makes ACS a solid choice. We found a number of articles and reviews online which we'll refer to in the article, as hopefully these demonstrate what a great Cannabis Lab Testing company ACS is. Let's get into:

Who is ACS?

There is a great 'Meet The Team' section on the ACS website that shows you everyone in the team and shows you all of their credentials. It's clear that there is a huge amount of talent and experience within the team, and that's what makes ACS stand out. It's also really nice to see the faces within the team. Roger Brown is the president and founded the first cannabis testing laboratory in Florida way back in 2008. He often speaks at cannabinoid conferences, and is also an instructor/mentor at the CBD Training Academy. It's clear that Roger has a vast knowledge and passion for the cannabis industry.

There are plenty of other names and faces to check out within the About section and each member of the team has a nicely fleshed out bio, so be sure to check those out.

What makes ACS such a great choice?

As ACS explain on their 'Why Test With Us' page, there are a number of reasons why ACS are a great choice for CBD testing.
Firstly, they test for phytochemicals such as flavonoids and terpenes. A crucial aspect of any quality CBD product is the other plant goodness present, so being able to test for that and prove their presence is crucial.
Secondly, ACS don't just test for the good stuff - they also make sure that the cannabis products are free from harmful compounds commonly found such as heavy metals, Mycotoxins and pesticides. This is a crucial aspect of any testing and ensures that the products are safe for consumption.


Lastly, we should mention the various accolades that the company has been awarded. ACS won 21 Emerald badges within 2 years. This positions them as the highest-rated in the whole of the U.S for cannabis testing facilities. We also noticed a number of other places online where ACS had been recognized for their good work. For example, the company has a profile on the Best Marijuana Guide website which outlines what they do and includes reviews from companies and people who have worked with them. Their profile is currently sitting with a 5-star rating and there is also a scorecard on the profile which shows that they are the top-rated Cannabis Testing Lab for August 2021 on the website, nice one!
We also found the company included on the US Department of Agriculture website, where they're listed as a trusted company to work with. Any time we see a company listed on a .gov website it really makes us sit up and notice because it means they've essentially been endorsed by the government!
Lastly, we'll mention that we found an article on the New Cannabis Ventures website that describes ACS as the largest Cannabis Lab Testing Company in the Eastern U.S, a very noteworthy accolade. It's a great article and well worth a read for more information.
Overall it's clear to see why ACS are such a popular choice and we recommend you explore their website for more information.

Why do you need to test?

If you're a CBD business owner and you're not having your products tested then you need to ensure that you start as soon as you can. It's important that your products are safe for consumption and contain the compounds that you claim they contain. Our industry is getting stricter and for the safety of consumers and to ensure your business isn't closed down, you should be working with a trusted lab.

In Conclusion

If you're a business owner based in the U.S looking for a reliable cannabis lab to work with for testing, or you simply want to learn more about lab testing for CBD, definitely check out ACS. They're the biggest cannabis lab testing company in the Eastern U.S and they've got a huge amount of knowledge within their team.