ACDC Strain

ACDC Strain

Strain | 50% Hybrid

Cannabinoids | CBD (20%) THC (3%)

Terpenes | Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and Linool.

More About the ACDC Strain

Named after the rock band, ACDC is surprisingly not going to blow your head off. It is a strain with one of the lowest THC contents of all cannabis strains. 

The ACDC strain is a cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic, which has produced a perfect 50/50 hybrid. The high CBD content and low THC content (as low as 3%) means that the strain is often not psychoactive and makes a perfect daytime strain for casual smoking. Believe it or not, CBD has won several cannabis cups. 


What Does ACDC Weed Look Like? 

To look at, ACDC is an iconic strain. It is formed in a long sativa style bud with long wavy dark olive green leaves and long orange pistils. 

There isn’t anything that really stands out about the ACDC strain in terms of the way it looks, so to identify the strain you may need to break the buds apart to expose the aromas.

Aroma & Flavours

You should expect the aromas of ACDC to be sweet, earthy, skunky. 

Surprisingly users will expect notes of fruits coming through, like blackberry or cherry, with lemon or citrus. The strain is predominately herby and many associate this strain closer to hemp, than cannabis. Along with it’s high CBD content, it can easily be mistaken for a hemp bud.


The ACDC High!

Thanks to the strains low THC content, and High CBD content, the strain is very unlikely to make you feel ‘high’. You’re more likely to feel the effects of the CBD and the terpene profile. As ACDC is slightly leaning on the sativa side, users may feel uplifted, happy and heady. The indica and high CBD will ensure that you feel relaxed with a reduction of anxiety. 


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