Above Water (Our Honest Review)



Above Water are a CBD company based in the United States (Oakland, CA to be exact). We first heard about these guys after seeing some of their interesting products online (hot sauce? more on that in a minute), so we decided to dig a little deeper and conduct a full review of these guys. As always we’ll be looking at their

Who are Above Water?


There is a detailed ‘About’ section on the Above Water website that you can check out if you’re interested in learning more about the brand. The company was founded by Conrad, a guy who clearly has a passion for CBD and the benefits this compound can provide. We’ll let you do the rest of the exploring, all we’ll say is that it’s great to see a CBD company who don’t mind showing their faces (we see so many faceless and nameless brands out there).


What are the Above Water products like?

All Above Water CBD products are made with organic Oregon hemp, and they’re all broad-spectrum. This means they contain all of the plant goodness (terpenes etc.) without any of the THC.
The Above Water product range is simple and refined, exactly how we like it. Rather than trying to sell everything under the sun, these guys have clearly focused on quality rather than quantity. Currently they stock tinctures, balms, a massage candle and a hot sauce (yes, a CBD hot sauce).

We’ll start with the tinctures because that’s the type of product we’d typically use ourselves, and the only product a member of our team has tried from this range is the Even Keel 500mg tincture (but they were impressed nonetheless). 

You’ve got 4 to choose from, with each tincture available with either 500mg or 1000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. Each product uses MCT as the carrier oil (so you get all the beneficial fatty acids from that too),  and is fortified with a mix of different natural ingredients. For example, the Minty oil is made with Peppermint oil and the Spice Trade oil is made with Turmeric, Cinnamon and Ginger.


Overall the tinctures look great, and we recommend you check them out.

Similarly you can check out the balms and massage candle yourself. But we’ve got to talk about the hot sauce! What a neat idea – made with Habanero peppers, this sauce contains a hefty 500mg of CBD. This is more than just a gimmick, this is a fully fledged CBD product that could help you get your fix of CBD along with some spice, and there is plenty of science to support the claim that combining spices along with CBD can actually make the compound more effective (hence why turmeric is so frequently mixed with CBD).


It’s also worth mentioning that every product offered by Above Water is third-party lab tested, great to see and something that sadly not enough CBD companies bother to do.


What are the Above Water reviews like?


Above Water collect reviews on their product pages, so you can read reviews for each specific product on their site, but you can also find reviews on their Google profile and on their Facebook page (they’re sitting with a 5-star rating on both platforms). Their highest rated product is their Minty oil, which is currently sitting with a 4.9 out of 5 rating from 26 reviews – impressive! Overall customers seem really happy with the product as well as the customer service provided by the brand. We recommend you check these reviews out.


In Conclusion

It’s clear that Above Water have developed a loyal following for producing quality products at a good price. We hope our US readers check them out!