About us

You may have already noticed that we are the CBDbible. We are the most chilled out blog on the planet, mainly because we are always trying out CBD products. This website was set up as a hobby in early 2018 when the CBD industry in the UK really took off. We noticed, even then, that there were plenty of cowboys in the industry and it wasn’t long for people to notice.

 We love learning, and writing about new and exciting CBD projects and try to keep everything as chilled out as we can. We’re not taking ourselves too seriously and just want to talk about cannabis based products, impart our wisdom and experience to customers, and business owners alike.

Our Team

Our team is only small but we have a network of writers, CBD enthusiasts, CBD wholesalers, business consultants, scientists, entrepreneurs and just normal people, helping us develop the best CBD blog for casual readers. We want to make CBD fun, interesting and if we need to be, be brutal. We have members of the team from all over the world, and contribute if and when they can which makes our blog is just a hobby for us!

Our Ethos

Above all, we just want to give the best information that we can provide, and ensure that you are getting cannabis products which are as standard high quality, effective and popular. We really want to ensure that at very minimum the products are organic & lab tested for safety. Here is our little mission statement: 
  • We Want to Showcase Trusted and Responsible CBD companies from the UK

  • Showcase Authentic, Trusted & Good Willed CBD Companies, Not Corporate or Deceptive jokers!

  • We LOVE companies with a Social Cause and who give back!

  • And Above All

  • Educate you about the Endocannabinoid System, Cannabis Products & Cannabinoids

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