14 Americans were receiving low THC weed from the American Government since the 70s (most are dead now)

A story that really interested us was the story of the 4 Americans who have been receiving medical pot from the government since they were involved in a now defunct program from 1976.

How it all happened was that a man called Robert Randall was suffering from glaucoma, and in 1976 a federal court ruled that the FDA must supply him with medical marijuana to treat his condition (because nothing else would help it). This made Robert the first legal pot smoker in the USA.

This caused the government to create a program to help people like Robert, and they accepted 14 people into the program who all suffered from glaucoma.

In 1992, George H.W Bush stopped accepting new patients (they were cracking down pretty hard on drugs). And that was it.

There were only 14 people who’d been accepted into the program, but they continued to receive legal, low THC (about 3%) weed from the US government because they needed it. Meanwhile, the War on Drugs was happening elsewhere in the country. Crazy isn’t it.

The most up to date information we could find on the patients from this program is that there is only 4 of them left, and according to some sources (see sources at bottom of article) the patients from the program have collectively received over $500,000 worth of marijuana since the program started (based on street value).

So what can we learn from this? Well for starters, low THC weed is basically what is now known as CBD flower. This is just Marijuana with very low THC. And has been proven to help people with a variety of conditions, including glaucoma.

Secondly, people have known about these benefits for a long time. So why is there still a hold up?

Anyway, hopefully this inspires you to get some CBD flower wherever you can get it from legally.

Otherwise, we have just got to stick with: CBD oil, CBD pastes, powders … and the list goes on. 






 Mar 2, 2017


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